Molly (Calgary)

What a beautiful picture. Molly’s family wrote:

Just a quick note to say many thanks for molly. She is amazing well mannered dog. Her easy going attitude is really cool. We finally found a toy she likes – an orange plastic hockey ball!


Molly lives in Calgary and looks like she has found a very kind and caring home…. every owner and puppy would do well to take at least the beginner puppy school classes. These Doodles will amaze you at how quickly they catch on and how willing they are to try to please you. Molly’s family wrote:

Molly puppy school graduation

She is amazing!!! Thanks for providing all that care in those crucial beginning weeks.


A new picture and a short update from Molly’s family:

She loves the snow. Mostly a laid back personality. We are off to dog school in January. She loves to chase rabbits. For the most part is house trained. My sons are glad to have a blonde in the family.


Molly’s family sent us a fresh picture and told us:

She is wonderful… good mild mannered most of the time. Loves the snow!


This is Molly.  She is from Kloe and Einstein‘s July 29th, 2013 litter.  She is a beauty!