This is Jude, one of Dory and Cesar’s males from July 9th. 2013, this guy lives on 40 acres with two adopted brothers in Manitoba…sounds like he is a great pup! His family told us:

My apologies for the delay getting this pic of our beloved Jude through to you – as you know it is very challenging to get a good pic of a black dog – hence placing him on the white bed spread as a last resort to capture his sweet face.

Jude continues to blow us away with how wondeful, smart and eager he is to impress. He loves the 40 acres and his two brothers and they love running through the fields.

We started puppy class last week for me (Jude knows what he is doing but i need a refresher) and he was a natural leader in the class. He goes in his kennel for bed time like a champ and we stuck with the whistle and work with that and it is fantastic…thank you!!

He is huge!! We still have him on full feed and he is a lovely big boy…just about 40 lbs!

Thank you gain so much Margart Ann and we will continue to update you on Jude.