Jasper is not yet one year old, but his owners are professional hikers so he has seen a lot of county in his short life. Here are the captions they sent along for these pictures:
Snuggling with Mom and his duckie
Jasper is awesome on road trips. He has travelled many thousand of kms already!
Following Dad on the trail – we were at Kakisa River in NWT
Mom and Jasper hanging out on a mini iceberg on Kakisa River (Jasper’s first river crossing!)
Lounging at home with his toy basket


Here is a new picture of the handsome Jasper. His family sent this note along with it:

Love our doodle like no ones business. Jasper just got his first haircut today!


Here is an updated picture from Jasper in Edmonton. He will spend his summers hiking in the park he is named after. His family wrote:

So adorable!!! I recently started a new job where I work from home. Here’s a picture of my favourite colleague!


Jasper’s family sent us his Christmas picture and noted:

Jasper is very intelligent and social. Mild mannered and full of puppy curiosity. He looks like a wooly mammoth and likes to chase his tail! We love him to pieces.


This is one of Debbie and Cesar’s pups born August 30, 2013, and now living in Edmonton. These people do guided hikes into the Tonquin Valley in Jasper National Park. Almost 50 years ago I worked in there for an outfitter, we took guests with cameras in on horseback. Jasper’s family told us simply:

I love him so much!