Dear (and you know that is not a valid email address),
Now that you have brought it to my attention that you faithfully read my web site, and criticize my breeding, feeding program and the way I care for my animals, maybe you would have the parts to use your real email address so I can at least respond. The only reason I can see that you would be threatened by what I am doing is because you are another Doodle breeder and your prices are out of reach for a lot of families that would love to have a Doodle. Maybe you should try reading my previous buyers testimonials and then tell me what I seem to be doing that doesn’t suit you. Just so we have it straight, what I do is absolutely none of your business, so if you can’t use your name and address, then keep your opinions to yourself. I mean this in all sincerity….have a wonderful Holiday Season! Margaret-Ann


Aella looks like another success story…..I love pairing great dogs up with great owners who go the extra mile!!! Her new family wrote:

Hope all is well with you! Aella is growing like a weed! She loves her food and really loves people!

We just wanted to share with you that we passed beginners puppy class and were awarded with most improved team! Aella loves to practice and please! She even got to try out some agility and really picked up running through the tunnel!

Wishing you all the best!


Aella is a daughter of Debbie and Cesar, born August 30, 2013. Most of my buyers have no idea how hard it is to get pictures good enough to post a pup for sale until they get it home and try it themselves. I think she is beautiful. She still has one brother and one sister here, if they are not sold by Christmas I will start training them and raise the price accordingly. Her sister Izzy goes this Friday to Calgary. I am still pretty busy and not feeling the best but putting my chore clothes on and getting out to my dogs always helps. Aella’s family wrote us:

Hope this email finds you well! Aella is quite the dog, learning lots and really exploring her new world now! I apologize for the lack of photos, but she isn’t the best at posing and they’re often quite blurry! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!


Here are some updated pictures of Baila. I think we have pictures from almost everyone with a pup from this litter, what a treat it has been to see how they turned out. Baila’s family wrote:

This is our Baila. She has been an absolute treat – first dog!! So smart, sociable, good natured and tolerant. We have travelled extensively in the last 3 months and she’s been incredibly good. She’s calm and mild mannered, and LOVES to play. Everything is a game – OMG, try and put sox on your feet!


The litter Baila came from is completely sold and spans the three Prairie Provinces! Her family sent some pictures and told us:

Our puppy is growing up. She LOVES snow, food, people and dogs, and the fun of “fetch”.


Baila’s family sent us this beautiful new picture and wrote:

Baila and I go to the doggy park every day now. She gets tons of compliments. She’s definitely the prettiest girl around.


This is Baila, daughter of Amber and Cesar, born August 31, 2013. She has a sister “Brook” exactly like her that is waiting for her forever family. Her family wrote:

Oh my Margaret-Ann. This little puppy is amazing. Baila is a bundle of affection, energy and laughs. And smart! I had no idea she could be so smart.


Here are a few new pics of Zaney. Her family told us:

How fun for us to receive the emails of Zaneys’ litter mates!! How could I not contribute. Thank you so much!! This is our girl, she is so fluffy and looks much bigger than her 45 lbs unless she is wet. I am curious if her litter mates are shaved as they appear to have way less fur than Zaney. She is a little timid with new people but only at first and never with other dogs. We love her a lot and brings us countless laughter!!! She is a real character and it is staggering how incredibly high she can jump!!


This is one of Doe Dee and Cesar’s August 20, 2013, pups that now lives in Saskatoon with her family. This huge litter of 13 have spread throughout four provinces now, from Fernie, B.C. to Winnipeg, Manitoba and many places in between. I love to hear how the pups are doing and how they are fitting in with their forever family so will forward this to the other owners in hopes of getting some pictures and updates. Some have a post on my web page, you may want to keep up with the antics of Louis, this guy is going places at the hands of a very good dog man in Northern Saskatchewan. Zaney’s family told us:

Our little girl Zaney is fitting right in and we love her tons!!!! She is really starting to lighten up in her snout and has 2 white small patches in between her toes on her front paws. She has been fairly easy to train and is extremely tolerant of my children and their excessive love of her lol. I hope you are well and staying warm!!


Bronte was born coal black and this is how I visioned she would color up to but it seems some brindled more than others from her litter. It looks like another of my pups has it made, her own lake now! I actually have several Doodles in Sylvan Lake, they will no doubt run into each other on walks this summer. I hear quite often how Doodle owners will strike up a conversation and find that their dogs came from here and are related, that gives me such a rush to hear. Keep up the good work guys, I love getting your updates. Bronte’s family wrote:

We have moved to Sylvan Lake and we have a lovely trail from our house down to the lake. Bronte is enjoying the move as they now have 3/4 acre to run around. Leyla our shepherd is slowing down lots but Bronte is a very social and active girl who keeps us on our toes. Hope you are enjoying the new year so far and we will send off some outdoor photo soon. Bronte loves all the snow we have here.


These are the emails that keep me ticking. I am so impressed with this litter, Bronte’s grandfather is Einstein and Grandmother is Katie. Katie is retired to Manitoba, Doe Dee has retired to a farm at Didsbury, Alberta and Einstein is still here with his work clothes on. I have kept back his son, Newton so if Einstein decides to ‘slack off on the job’ I will still have his bloodlines to work with.  Bronte’s family wrote:

Keeping watch over the campsite..
Bronte is a great guard dog and is a great girl. We are enjoying her loving personality and she loves Leyla our Shepherd ..


Bronte lives in Red Deer and it sounds like she needs some Cesar bones from Canadian Tire so she chews what she is supposed to chew. More crate time with her bone and then directly outside until she has peed twice will help with the little pee accidents. A few drops of Tabasco on the spots she is chewing where she shouldn’t be will help also. Bronte’s mother, Doe Dee, is spayed now and looking for a farm home. Bronte’s family wrote:

You will see from the photo that Bronte and Leyla are great sisters. They traveled with us to spend the holidays with my daughters in Medicine Hat. She is still having the odd peepee accident and particularly likes chewing the drywall corners and baseboards….eeekk…It has slowed down a lot and think the teething is easing up. We love here so much and overall she’s very laidback…really great with our young grandkids….she was a real hit over Christmas.

PS She chases my poor cat a lot….she will be getting a swat from her soon


Bronte is one of Doe Dee and Cesar‘s August 20, 2013, females. She is living the life of Riley in Red Deer, Alberta, with a German Shepherd to keep her in line. Her family gave us an update on her and explained how they came up with her name:

Well here is Bronte…having a break from chewing. Just leaving for work and wanted to let you know that she is doing well and growing like a weed.

You were wondering how we came up with our new girl’s name, so here it is.  Charlotte, Emily and Anne BRONTE… famous writers of such books as Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre etc. Quite accomplished young ladies and I’m hoping for great things with our fast growing furball.


We received these pictures and the following update from Jax’s family:

Sending some pictures of Jax!!! You can see how big he’s getting playing tug of war with our 6 yr old shipoo! They got super spoiled at Xmas! Our house looks like a pet store!


This is Jax (for Jackson), one of Kianna and Einstein‘s males from September 21, 2013. Jax is living in Calgary. His family wrote:

Jax is growing very very fast! Already 6 kg! He has already learned to ring a bell to go outside and has been lasting all night in the crate without needing to go out! We just put his stocking on the mantle and he is a happy member of our family now!

Charlie (Calgary)

I thank you Brigette for these beautiful pictures of Charlie. He has indeed grown into a very beautiful young man. When I get updates on a pup I try to share them with the owners of that pups littermates. I do not forward anyone’s private information, dog thefts are increasing and it breaks my heart to think that someone would actually do that. I am so impressed with Debbie’s pups from both Cesar and Einstein. I can tell that Charlie is well loved. So far Debbie has pups in three provinces. Give that boy a pat for me, I wish more people would do the life jacket option for their dog! Charlie’s family sent us these great pictures and wrote:

I have been getting all these updates of your pups lately and thought I should send a few for Charlie. He’s such a happy, fun spirited pup. He loves going to daycare and spending time chasing balls and swimming in the lake during the summer. We couldn’t be more pleased with how is growing up. Thanks so much !


We just received some updated pictures of Charlie, along with this note:

Just some update pics of Charlie’s new hair cut! I think he likes it!


Charlie is one of Debbie and Cesar’s F1B Labra Doodles born August 30th, 2013. The comment with this picture was:

He is growing up so fast! He really is lovely. I will keep updating as he grows. We just finished puppy classes and he is attending a day school doggie daycare twice a week. He loves to play with all the dogs and tends to make friends with the biggest dogs in the pack!

Morgan (Winnipeg)

Morgan and Frankie both live in Winnipeg and the owners meet regularly to let them have play dates. They really look a lot alike. Morgan’s family wrote:

Just thought I’d send a quick note with a few pictures. Today is Morgan’s first birthday and we had a fun day at the park with all her dog cousins and a few extra treats. She’s doing so well and it’s been a great first summer with her. She’s also an amazing swimmer and LOVES the water! We hope you’re doing well! I have also attached a photo of Morgan and Frankie’s recent play date.


Here are a few great pictures of Morgan. Her family told us:

I thought it was about time for a little update on Morgan- so here it is! She’s doing great! She’s lost most of her baby teeth now. She knows tons of tricks, loves to cuddle (which we love as well!) and has made tons of new friends at the dog parks. Everyone loves her, how could they not?! We hope you’re doing well.


Here is Morgan with her play pal Frankie. They both live in Winnipeg. I am so amazed by all of my pups that have met their siblings in a number of big cities. I am getting calls from Toronto, Iowa and South California, but I won’t ship my pups unescorted, they will have to fly up here and fly back with their pup. Morgan’s family wrote:

Happy New Year Margaret-Ann!
Just thought I’d send you this collage of photos from Morgan and Frankie’s first play date 2 weeks ago! They’ve already had a second one since and play so well together! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Holidays!


Morgan is the daughter of Kianna and Einstein. She was born September 21, 2013. Her happy new family told us:

The very first attempted walk with Morgan on Sunday was short (she was not a fan of having a leash attached, or the car noises outside), but already last night we went for a half hour walk and she jogged a bit with us, and played in the snow, and loved it! She’s become familiar with our place very quickly, and does very well through the night! Doesn’t enjoy the kennel as much when we have to go to work, but she is getting more used to it! I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you to see as well, and will send more soon.  Hope you’re well!