Mac and Marty – F1 Labra Doodles (from Amber) – Born August 31, 2013

Mac and Marty have now been SOLD!

Mac and Marty have now been sold. Their mother, Amber has retired and gone to her forever home on a farm near Qu’Appelle, Sask. This litter spans three provinces and everyone is raving about how good their pup is, this is what makes my life worth living. I am trying to hang in with my breeding program so future litters will be posted as they are available. Next litters looking for their forever home are two litters of Standard Poodles and one of F1B Labra Doodles. Marty’s new family wrote:

Thanks so much for Marty. He is such a great boy. He’s very, very sweet and just absolutely hilarious. He bucks a little when he runs and gets excited – such a hoot to watch. He was groomed for the first time the other day and just sat nicely and tolerated it all. He seems like an old soul. That said, he does spend a bit too much time barking at his reflection in the mirror – again, so funny!

The boys have really enjoyed him. He has taken up the habit of laying upside down on their laps, wherever or whatever they are doing. Total ham. He’s a super fast learner and listens really well. Your hard work really shows. Thanks for such an amazing pup.

He’s also enjoying being able to watch the deer out of the windows…I’m sure he’d rather be on the other side of the window though…

Mac and Marty are Amber and Cesar’s pups born August 31st. 2013, so for the buyers who do not have time to start a pup, here is your dream pup already well started!
Mac and Marty are now in the house full time, they are successfully house trained to a dog door without even one accident between them. I reversed the way I did things this time as pup training is an ongoing learning curve, the last two pups would have a few accidents before they learned how to go out the door, so I put Mac and Marty in the outside pen with a dog house full of straw. Kix is in the same pen and knows what the dog door is for, so she would go out and play with them and then come in, soon they were up the ramp behind her peeking in the door at me on the computer. Marty came in first, went back out and got his little brother. Now they are all asleep on the dog bed in my office as I type!

They are fully crate trained, sleep through the night in crates in my office and are very good about it. They are doing very well on the leash, Marty is a little quicker to sit as soon as I stop but Mac is not far behind. Both are doing the ramp and steps and are pro’s about the serpentine pylons, sticking right at my side weaving in and out. I had a lot of fun with picture taking this time and they are really starting to show how beautiful they are going to be as the color starts to change. Mac is going to stay more chocolate and be slightly smaller. Marty is a bit leggier so will end up taller and has his dad’s silver factor coming in a lot faster than Mac.

They are now $1,000 and as more training goes into them the price will go up accordingly. Remember this is a life time commitment, these boys would love to meet their forever family. Text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page for more information or additional pictures.


Mac and Marty are sons of Amber, Chocolate English Lab, and Cesar, Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle, making them F1 Labra Doodles. These are minimal to non shedding, this means they may shed but not like a Lab, nothing that regular brushing wouldn’t fix. These boys are winter proofed with a insulated dog house with lots of straw in it, this gives you the option of keeping them outdoors with a dry place, free of drafts to sleep, or bring them indoors. They are old enough to sleep through the night and have had access to a crate the first three months of their life, so crate and house training would go quickly.

Mac (in the pictures with snow on and around him) has the shaggier type coat and is shorter and stockier than his big brother Marty, on the blanket, who is getting a tighter wavy type coat and more blonde throughout it.

Personality is very similar, the are both gentle natured and eager to please but one thing that is starting to show up is that Marty has developed a great interest in birds, so he may be a good hunting dog prospect. They are just starting on leash work and catch on quickly, we worked stairs yesterday as that is always a hurdle that needs to be crossed with most pups and we will work on that again today, by next week we will advance to steps, ramp and pylons. I teach them to walk in the proper position at my side, sit when I stop, then start ‘stay’ in about a week. When one of my pups sells I give the buyer a demonstration on how I train them, where they are in training and how to proceed. I try to put each pup into the best home possible and am willing to coach on training all I can from here. Each buyer should read Cesar Milan’s book on starting a puppy BEFORE the puppy arrives.

These boys are what I am looking for in my breeding program, I don’t get excited if my pups don’t sell at 8 weeks, I just let them be pups, work it out between them who is the pack leader, then at about 3 1/2 to 4 months old, if they are still here, I begin basic leash work. These boys are $900, they have 3 sets of boosters, have been dewormed twice and are well handled. They were imprinted at birth and taught submission from the beginning, feet are handled regularly and no licking, jumping up or tugging on clothes has ever been allowed. If you are interested in adding one of my pups to your pack please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. These boys are from some very solid English Lab breeding (see links below) and the father is Registered and also from some pretty impressive bloodlines…. creating a win win combination for these pups.


‘Mac’ and his little brother ‘Marty’ are sons of Amber (Chocolate English Lab) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle), born August 31, 2013. Just over 3 months old, the prime time to go into training. Both the boys are now getting their Doodle hair in, it is coming in light reddish brown, and it is giving them a lot of character in looks. They have totally different personalities, Marty (in the last 5 pictures above) has been a little clown from day one and continues to try to be the entertainer of the two. He was a little unsure of the wiggly straw bales I put them on to take pictures, he was pretty interested in burying into the cracks, but Mac (the first 5 pictures) was not fazed a bit, he was more interested in the sparrows, leaves moving on the trees and other dogs. Both pups have been imprinted, handled a lot, especially feet, laid on their backs for submission and are about to go into intense leash work. This is the prefect age to start letting them work on stairs, ramps and learning to heel and sit properly in the correct position.

These pup are classified as minimal to non shedding, this means they will not shed like a lab if they do shed at all, they will shed more like what is in your hairbrush (if you have hair), regular brushing eliminates this and is the best tool there is to bond you with your pup. Dew claws are removed, they have three sets of boosters so are safe to go anywhere you would like to take them, and they are completely vet checked and cleared for take off. Mac will mature at about 60 to 65 lbs. and I am thinking Marty will only be slightly smaller. For more information on Mac and Marty please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.