Here are some updated pictures of Baila. I think we have pictures from almost everyone with a pup from this litter, what a treat it has been to see how they turned out. Baila’s family wrote:

This is our Baila. She has been an absolute treat – first dog!! So smart, sociable, good natured and tolerant. We have travelled extensively in the last 3 months and she’s been incredibly good. She’s calm and mild mannered, and LOVES to play. Everything is a game – OMG, try and put sox on your feet!


The litter Baila came from is completely sold and spans the three Prairie Provinces! Her family sent some pictures and told us:

Our puppy is growing up. She LOVES snow, food, people and dogs, and the fun of “fetch”.


Baila’s family sent us this beautiful new picture and wrote:

Baila and I go to the doggy park every day now. She gets tons of compliments. She’s definitely the prettiest girl around.


This is Baila, daughter of Amber and Cesar, born August 31, 2013. She has a sister “Brook” exactly like her that is waiting for her forever family. Her family wrote:

Oh my Margaret-Ann. This little puppy is amazing. Baila is a bundle of affection, energy and laughs. And smart! I had no idea she could be so smart.