Bronte was born coal black and this is how I visioned she would color up to but it seems some brindled more than others from her litter. It looks like another of my pups has it made, her own lake now! I actually have several Doodles in Sylvan Lake, they will no doubt run into each other on walks this summer. I hear quite often how Doodle owners will strike up a conversation and find that their dogs came from here and are related, that gives me such a rush to hear. Keep up the good work guys, I love getting your updates. Bronte’s family wrote:

We have moved to Sylvan Lake and we have a lovely trail from our house down to the lake. Bronte is enjoying the move as they now have 3/4 acre to run around. Leyla our shepherd is slowing down lots but Bronte is a very social and active girl who keeps us on our toes. Hope you are enjoying the new year so far and we will send off some outdoor photo soon. Bronte loves all the snow we have here.


These are the emails that keep me ticking. I am so impressed with this litter, Bronte’s grandfather is Einstein and Grandmother is Katie. Katie is retired to Manitoba, Doe Dee has retired to a farm at Didsbury, Alberta and Einstein is still here with his work clothes on. I have kept back his son, Newton so if Einstein decides to ‘slack off on the job’ I will still have his bloodlines to work with.  Bronte’s family wrote:

Keeping watch over the campsite..
Bronte is a great guard dog and is a great girl. We are enjoying her loving personality and she loves Leyla our Shepherd ..


Bronte lives in Red Deer and it sounds like she needs some Cesar bones from Canadian Tire so she chews what she is supposed to chew. More crate time with her bone and then directly outside until she has peed twice will help with the little pee accidents. A few drops of Tabasco on the spots she is chewing where she shouldn’t be will help also. Bronte’s mother, Doe Dee, is spayed now and looking for a farm home. Bronte’s family wrote:

You will see from the photo that Bronte and Leyla are great sisters. They traveled with us to spend the holidays with my daughters in Medicine Hat. She is still having the odd peepee accident and particularly likes chewing the drywall corners and baseboards….eeekk…It has slowed down a lot and think the teething is easing up. We love here so much and overall she’s very laidback…really great with our young grandkids….she was a real hit over Christmas.

PS She chases my poor cat a lot….she will be getting a swat from her soon


Bronte is one of Doe Dee and Cesar‘s August 20, 2013, females. She is living the life of Riley in Red Deer, Alberta, with a German Shepherd to keep her in line. Her family gave us an update on her and explained how they came up with her name:

Well here is Bronte…having a break from chewing. Just leaving for work and wanted to let you know that she is doing well and growing like a weed.

You were wondering how we came up with our new girl’s name, so here it is.  Charlotte, Emily and Anne BRONTE… famous writers of such books as Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre etc. Quite accomplished young ladies and I’m hoping for great things with our fast growing furball.