Here are a few new pics of Zaney. Her family told us:

How fun for us to receive the emails of Zaneys’ litter mates!! How could I not contribute. Thank you so much!! This is our girl, she is so fluffy and looks much bigger than her 45 lbs unless she is wet. I am curious if her litter mates are shaved as they appear to have way less fur than Zaney. She is a little timid with new people but only at first and never with other dogs. We love her a lot and brings us countless laughter!!! She is a real character and it is staggering how incredibly high she can jump!!


This is one of Doe Dee and Cesar’s August 20, 2013, pups that now lives in Saskatoon with her family. This huge litter of 13 have spread throughout four provinces now, from Fernie, B.C. to Winnipeg, Manitoba and many places in between. I love to hear how the pups are doing and how they are fitting in with their forever family so will forward this to the other owners in hopes of getting some pictures and updates. Some have a post on my web page, you may want to keep up with the antics of Louis, this guy is going places at the hands of a very good dog man in Northern Saskatchewan. Zaney’s family told us:

Our little girl Zaney is fitting right in and we love her tons!!!! She is really starting to lighten up in her snout and has 2 white small patches in between her toes on her front paws. She has been fairly easy to train and is extremely tolerant of my children and their excessive love of her lol. I hope you are well and staying warm!!