Charlie lives in Calgary and is one of Katie and Pluto’s pups. He was born February 8, 2007. When this man bought Charlie he was single (the man, not the pup) and it looks like both he and Charlie are family men now. How awesome is this. It thrills me to see where my dogs have gone and how well they are doing, Charlie is obviously become a valued member of this family! Charlie’s family wrote:

Thanks for the note – it is always nice to hear from you and to know that you care about your dogs. Charlie is almost 7 – next month, and he has always been a great dog. He has developed into a great family dog and he now has a 3 year human brother and a 9 month old human sister. The 3 year old and him are best buds and they are always playing and chasing each other – it helps when our 3 year old has dog treats in his hand! And our daughter loves feeding Charlie from her high chair – we love having him clean up after her.