Jack is one of Dezi and Einstein’s June 2013 pups. He looks to have it made! His family told us:

Jack is an absolutely wonderful dog!
Yes he chews everything, yes he’s nibbley on fingers and toes. Yep he likes to launch himself at you to greet you when he’s missed you. He terrorizes the cat to no end, and he thinks the warmest part of the couch is reserved for his little puppy bum only.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.
He adores dani our 5 year old, LOVES frisbee and ball playing, is extraordinarily social and loves people and dogs. He especially loves the cottage where he can just run and play- even though he always wants us with him.

We’ve had 2 scares, once when he actually ate a belly full of gravel- our vet said we could do surgery, but we waited it out and he seemed to pass everything. A 2nd time when he ate up a hand warmer just after a cold day walk (which have iron shavings), he also got the ok from our vet after that. We’ve only missed 3 days of walking since he joined our family, so he’s a pretty balanced little lad.
I will send some pictures right away- enjoy!
And thank you!