Ozzy looks like quite the character, judging from these photos. His family wrote:

It is one year ago today that we received our wonderful Ozzy from you in the parking lot at McDonald’s. We wanted to give you his one year update!

Ozzy has been the best thing that has joined our family in a very long time. He has brought untold joy to each and every one of our family and extended family members. He is a very quiet and gentle soul.

He has learned how to play ball, fetching and throwing (he will throw the ball to us). He has learned how to play hide and seek. Yes, he not only seeks he actually takes his turn hiding. He is truly amazing.

He spent 50 nights camping with us last summer. He joined us on a two week, 7,000 km road trip through the mid-west US from Calgary, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Kansas City, Cheyenne, Great Falls and home.

We want to thank you again for such an amazing member to our family.


Ozzy is one of Darby and Cesar‘s pups from Feb. 26, 2013.