Vesta’s mother Darby has a tail that curls and she carries it over her rump most of the time. She looks very classy with that plume of a tail and it sounds like Vesta has that trait. I was thrilled to receive this email as I had not heard how Vesta was doing with her new forever family in a while. They wrote:

Here are some photos of Vesta, one of the 14 FIB doodles from Feb 2013. She is about 55 lbs and a wonderful dog. She loves to be around people and follows me around the house. She also loves to play though, and is a bundle of energy at the dog park. I have yet to meet a dog who can wear her out . She is quite obedient and knows the basic commands, although we could not keep her at obedience classes as she spent the entire class barking, every time! She does like to bark! One thing I am curious about: do any of her litter mates have a tail that bends to one side? Vesta’s tail is kinked to the right, and when she circles our coffee table we have to watch out or her tail will dip into the coffee cups. When she wants to go outside she picks up a toy and carries it out with her, then brings it back in again afterwards. She is very gentle with her toys, and the only things she chews are the edible bones and pigs ears we buy for her. We love her to bits.


Vesta is one of Darby and Cesar’s February 26th, 2013, females. I am not sure where she picked mange up but it is a real possibility to contract it from coyotes as it is a virus so can live on a wet or dry surface and be left behind when a coyote has passed through. I think the conjunctivitis is directly related to the mange and recommend Fucithalmic Vet Eye Gel, it should clear it up in no time flat, drug company name is Dechra and is actually made in Canada, not China. Vesta’s family sent us some nice pictures and wrote:

I enjoy getting all your postings. Happy New Year to you and your family. Vesta is growing and she is a very sweet dog. She follows me all over the house, curious about everything. She loves to play “find it” – we hide one of her toys and she has to look for it. She is very good at it. She also has a bit of a fetish for slippers and shoes, and frequently one will be looking for a shoe and cannot find it anywhere, only to have it mysteriously reappear several hours later.She does not chew them though.

Vesta loves to play with other dogs, and when I take her out for a walk each day she is always on the look out for another dog to play with. She is quite careful to be submissive to bigger dogs who are aggressive to her, but she can be a bit annoying to dogs who are not interested in playing but are too polite to tell her to get lost. She barks and barks at them! I have not solved that problem yet. She also likes to bark and bark in the back yard, but will stop if we tell her. The concern is, what about when we are away? (we do not want to annoy the neighbours)

Vesta has had an ongoing problem with conjunctivitis, and has developed mange around her eyes too. We are taking her to the vets each week for 8 weeks to have injections to fight back the mange, and we have had allergy tests done to try and resolve the conjuncitivitis. Apparently she is allergic to carrots, potatoes and tomatoes, as well as a whole list of grasses. Well we changed her dog food, and there is no grass around right now, but she still has gooey eyes, so we are stumped.

Vesta has a beautiful tail, but it is sideways!! When she wags it, it twirls in a circle! It is quite distinctive, and makes her easy to spot from a distance. The only problem is we need to teach her to only go round our coffee table in one direction, as if she goes the other way her tail sweeps everything off!

She seems to have settled in very well with our family.