Hank lives in Saskatoon with his owner Zach. I took Hank to his house and the minute I put him down I knew he was destined to be Zach’s buddy. I am so thrilled with how many of you have shared your pictures and dog stories with me. Zach told us:

Hank is doing great. Always happy when I’m home from work!!! He sure likes car rides and cuddling!


This is an email from Hank (one of Dinah and Cesar’s Sept 7th. litter) to his new owner.

Hello Zach; I have got to tell you that this Grammie is relentless. Today she made me lay on the floor and get clipped, scissored, combed and nails done. If that wasn’t bad enough she decided this was the day I should learn to go up and down the basement stairs at her pace (which is not very fast) three times. On top of all that she decided to dress me up as an Irish hooligan and take pictures….I will be so glad when I live at your house!

I must admit that I was looking kind of shaggy and I do feel a little more manly and a little less like a puppy, I even had to get my butt shaved and that was scary at first but Grammie talked me through it. She says I am coming along quite nicely. I have never made a mess of any kind in the house, I use the dog door…..it took a little convincing to get me to walk up the little ramp to the deck so Grammie coaxed me from inside and Bob coaxed me from outside and now I am a pro! I sleep in a crate with a little persuasion to go in and a tiny bit of crying at the start when the lights go out, but by next week with my new manly haircut I am sure I will have it mastered.

My best friend Marty leaves for his new home in White City tomorrow, that is going to be hard but Grammie is going to bring my last sister, Velvet in to start training, she is going to Stony Plain, Alberta, so I will be okay. Kix, one of my half sisters is in with me, Grammie is keeping her as her last dog and is going to train her as a Palliative Care dog, she is Chocolate and I am kind of sweet on her! There is also a grumpy old Jack Russell that I should tell you about, she says she is the pack leader around here and makes us wait to eat and drink, and she takes all the best bones and toys and hides them in her crate, and her job is to teach us where our place in the pack is.

I am working hard at being a good student for Grammie so I can be a good dog for you….what do you think, am I not a handsome Dude? I am really looking forward to meeting you…Love and Wags…Hank