Reese is one of Tigger and Cesar‘s F1 Labra Doodles, he has two brothers that look exactly like him that are in training now and will be ready for their new homes in about a week. His new family sent us a photo and wrote:

We thought that we would provide you with a quick update on how Reese is
settling in. As I type this email he is lying at my feet under the desk.
That probably tells you how he is settling in!!

I have attached a photo of Reese and our daughters. They absolutely love
him. He has already bonded himself to the whole family. We have had a
couple of accidents in the house, but that is mostly our fault and figuring
out his cues and rhythms.

He is extremely gentle and laid back. I have only seen the puppy come out
of him in the mornings after a long sleep. He is very content just to be at
our feet. Walking has been great. His heel and sit is very good. Our
daughters have both walked him with virtually no pulling!

We are starting obedience class in the next couple of weeks to keep up the
learning and good habits.

At this moment, I honestly don’t think we could have found a better dog for
our family.

I hope all goes well with your health and the rest of the pups. We will
certainly stay in touch.