Zoe (Red Deer, AB)

Zoe is a beauty and I love the curl in her tail. Thanks for sending Michael and Elizabeth! Give this girl a pat from her Grammie. They wrote:

Here are a couple of pictures taken on Zoe’s second birthday. Taken at our off leash park. Zoe is great at getting us out to walk in all kinds of weather. Walking we would not otherwise be doing! She has ended up a bit bigger than we thought she might but we would not trade her for anything. She is very attentive to us. Still a bit shy around strangers and dogs she does not know, but adapts pretty quickly when she gets to know people. She gets along really well with our grandchildren and they love to play with her. She has a very big bark but that covers quite a timid girl. We enjoy every day with her. We have had a great trainer for her (and us!) and she has learned lots. We thought you might like to see one of your girls growing up.


Zoe was the biggest female in a litter of 13 pups. I have certainly enjoyed seeing what my pups have grown into and the joy they are bringing to their individual families. There are still a few I haven’t heard from but we are doing pretty good and even though they are in different environments they seem to have common traits. Her family told us:

Zoe lives in Red Deer and has taken over our lives– in a good way! She is bigger than we expected and gets lots of complements on her looks. She is generally well behaved although it takes her a while to get used to strangers. She loves playing with other dogs at the off leash park but does not go too far from us. She had at one time liked kleenex and toilet paper but seemed to get over it but has recently rediscovered it. She loves the winter and the snow.


This is one of Doe Dee and Cesar’s pups from their last litter, August 20, 2013. Now this is what I call a beautiful dog. They said she is bigger than they thought she would be but have not told me how big she is. Doe Dee is now retired and lives near Didsbury on a farm, so she retired pretty close to where her daughter lives in Red Deer. Zoe’s family told us:

We have not been in touch with you since we got Zoe last fall. It was certainly a long cold winter here but she loved the snow and cold. This is a picture of her in April up on a snow bank watching the two dogs next door. We have had her in school and she is doing quite well although a little skittish with strangers (??although not at the off leash park where she has a great time with other dogs). We are very much enjoying her (??even if she is a bit bigger and has more energy than we thought she might)! It has got us exercising.