F1 Labra Doodle Females (Krissy) – Born May 6, 2014

All Krissy’s puppies have been sold!

Krissy, English Chocolate Lab, and Einstein, Apricot Standard Poodle, have had their final litter together. Krissy is to be spayed and will be looking for a farm or acreage home. The smaller of the two girls is Lola (with the Multi Color Dog Stuffy). Her sister, Jeanna, who is only slightly larger is pictured with the Hedgehog Camo Toy. These girls are now 11 weeks old. This means they are ready for leash training, will sleep all night in the crate without having to go for a pee or poop break and are the perfect age for bonding with the forever family. They are very well handled by children and adults and they have had lots of work done with feet (massages and nails nipped weekly), so they are great about any foot handling. They sleep in a crate with the door off, so crate training will go smoothly, they have been taught manners with no jumping up allowed and no mouthing or licking. They have now had three sets of boosters. The next set should include rabies and can be done at 6 months of age when they go for spay. They will never need clipping unless you choose to keep their coat shorter. It will grow to three or four inches and stop growing, giving them the ‘Shaggy Benji’ look. They are starting to brindle in color now. The last picture above is of their full sister (Maggie) from Krissy and Einstein so you can get an idea of what your Doodle will look like when mature, at about 55 lbs. They are minimal shedders, this means they will shed a little but not like a Lab. Weekly brushing will take care of loose hair and bond your dog to you. They are dewormed and totally vet checked. The price of the pup, $835, includes delivery to most places on the Central Prairies, if you are further away I will do my best to meet you part way. I do not ship my pups so please do not ask.

These girls will make loyal, intelligent, clean family dogs or hiking and hunting companions. For more information please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371.


Krissy now has only two females to choose from. They are now ready to go, and some of their siblings have already departed to their forever families. These girls have two sets of boosters, are completely vet checked, dewormed and very well handled. Nails have had the little ends nipped off weekly, hair is clipped between pads and toes and paw massages have been done on a regular basis to assure foot handling goes well for them in the future. I have fledgling swallows learning to fly in the rafters of the barn right now and these girls are very interested in the flurry of activity. They have good hunting bloodlines so would make great hunting companions. They excel at water activities so they would love to go to the lake with their family, or hiking, long walks or just being your best friend. These are very clean, minimal shedding, intelligent and easy to train dogs that will repay your kindness with love and loyalty. The girl with the Multi color Dog toy is named Lola, and her sister who is slightly larger is named Jeanna (she has a Camo Hedgehog toy in her pictures). If you don’t like their names you can change them but I like them to know who they are when I am talking to them. They come when I whistle, pee and poop in one area of their pen, are socialized with a cat, have not been allowed to lick or jump up on people. They are well started with manners.

If either of theses girls catches your eye let me know which one and I will send all the pictures I took of that particular pup. They will mature at about 55 to 65 lbs. and will be solid dogs with the gentle Lab temperament and the Poodle smarts. Krissy, the mother is a Chocolate English Lab and the father, Einstein, is an Apricot Standard Poodle. These pups will not stay black, but as they mature will brindle with gold and chocolate hairs throughout their coat, I have pictures of one of the pups with this breeding from 1 1/2 years ago, the only other litter Krissy has had. Krissy is retiring after this litter. She will be looking for a farm or acreage home once she is spayed. For more information please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. These pups are $800 including delivery somewhere near you. I prefer to deliver my pups safely into the arms of the forever family. I do not ship my pups.

They come with lots of instructions and I stand behind what I breed. I have been breeding dogs for 46 years. I have lots of references and I do not believe you have to be a Dr. or Lawyer to afford a Doodle so I have kept my prices reasonable and breed only quality dogs!


Krissy, (English Chocolate Lab), and Einstein ( Apricot Standard Poodle ), have had their final litter, these pups are black now but will brindle as they get older, Brindle means gold and chocolate throughout their coat. I will attach a few pictures of one from their last litter as an adult dog now, her name is Maggie and she is a beauty, there are pictures of some of the others on my web page. The little girl with the Multi Color Stuffed Dog is the smaller of the two.

Krissy has only two females available now, they are 7 weeks old now and the vet is booked for next week then long drives to deliver them start. Winnipeg pups go on July 5, and Regina pups on July 7. Alberta pups will be delivered a few days after that. This litter was born on May 6. They already pee and poop in the designated area of their pen and come to a whistle. They are very good about having their nails done and feet handled, they have been taught to keep their feet off people (4 on the floor) and have not been allowed to lick, so they are well started with manners! These two girls are on the smaller side but will not be lap dogs, they will mature at 50 plus pounds. They would make a great kids’ dogs, a hunting dog or just a family pet. They are very intelligent, quick to learn what is expected of them and they are extremely loyal.

Two sets of boosters will be done and they come with lots of instructions on when to get the third set and how to keep them safe until they have a full immune system in place. The price of the pups are $800, that includes delivery to most places on the Central Prairies. For more information text (please do not phone) 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113 or use my contact page.