F1 Labra Doodle Males (Winnie) – Born May 12, 2014

All Winnie’s puppies have been sold!

This is ‘The Duke’ and he is a very elegant pup that has earned this special name. Duke is the only available son from Winnie and Cesar’s May litter. His mother, Winnie, is an English Lab with awesome temperament and confirmation. She went camping in March with Cesar, my registered Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle. This makes Duke an F1 Labra Doodle. He will mature at about 80 lbs, so will definitely not be a small lap dog. He is from hunting background and is showing interest in the barn swallows. A lot of dogs do not look up. Duke not only looks up, but he follows the fledglings as they flutter from rafter to rafter, and he would be big enough to bring back a pretty big goose.

This pup is quick to pick up on what is expected of him, he was coming out of the whelping box to pee and poop in the designated area when he was only five weeks old. He has been responding to coming when I whistle from about 5 weeks old also. He has excellent manners, he has been taught to keep ‘four on the floor’ (not jumping up on people), and he does not lick or use his mouth for tugging on clothes. This pup likes kids, water, and just plain being happy, he is a tail wagger. He is middle of the road for energy level, he is not hyper and he is not a low energy dog. He would love to belong to a hiker, jogger, go to the lake or play Frisbee in the park.

Duke is classified as a minimal shedder, this means he will shed but not like a Lab. He is just starting to get his Doodle hairs now, he will have a shaggy Benji like coat that will never need clipping unless you want him to be short.

I am very impressed with the quality of pups from Winnie and her sisters. They mothered well and raised very nice, easy going pups that are a pleasure to have around. For more information on Duke (or his sisters that are also available) please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I am in this for the long haul, I am here to share any training techniques I have that may help you turn this puppy into the best dog you could ever hope to have – a valued family member.


Winnie and Cesar now have only three male F1 Labra Doodle pups available. These boys were born May 12, and have now had two sets of boosters and have been dewormed twice. They are totally vet checked and are super healthy, happy pups that have already mastered peeing and pooping in one area of their pen and coming when I whistle for them. Their feet stay on the floor and tongues stay in the mouth….so manners, manners, manners!

These are going to be big dogs when they are mature, they will be 70 to 80 plus lbs. They are from hunting background, so are going to be big enough to bring back a big Canada Goose if you are a hunter. They are very loyal and intelligent dogs. They will make great family dogs, hiking companions and would love to go to the lake and join in the water sports. Being half Standard Poodle, they are very agile and intelligent. Being half English Lab, they are extremely loyal and laid back. This is a win win cross. I have pictures of their full siblings from last year for any serious buyers that would like to see what their pup will look like as an adult. Winnie is an English Lab, so has a nice flat head and good spring of rib that she passes on to her offspring along with her sweetheart personality. Cesar is on the large end of the scale for a Standard Poodle and is Silver Factor Chocolate with awesome bloodlines and very correct confirmation. He passes on super intelligence and great agility to his pups. I can’t say enough good about the pups that these two produced last litter and have a lot of happy customers to prove it.

The price is $900 and that includes delivering them safely from my arms to yours. I do not ship my puppies but choose to drive them to as close to the forever family as possible. They come with lots of instructions and I am in this for the long haul and make myself available to help with any obstacles along the way with training. I have been breeding dogs for 46 years and will do what I can to make this as pleasant an experience as possible for you and the puppy.

For more pictures of a certain puppy please tell me by name or the toy that it has with it and I will send all the pictures I took of that particular pup, of the parents and of the full siblings from last litter. Text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Winnie now has three male F1 Chocolate Labra Doodle pups available for adoption. Winnie is a big, blocky, old fashion Chocolate English Lab who was bred to Cesar, my Registered Silver Factor Standard Poodle. She was bred the same way last year and this pair produced some big, extraordinarily handsome, solid dogs. If you are looking for a bird dog these pups can swim and bring back a big Canada Goose. They love the water so going to the lake and swimming with the kids, or long hikes, or just being a family dog would be what they would excel at. I use English Labs as my foundation females to assure we do not get pointy headed pups, my pups have good, flat Lab heads and laid back Lab temperaments.

Mature weight for the males will be about 80 lbs. or more, females will be 60 to 70 lbs., this is going by last years litter. They are minimal shedders, a weekly brushing will take care of that. By minimal shedder I mean that they do not blow their coat all year round like a Lab but may have a shed when they loose their baby coat and again in the spring with weather changes. If you have ‘severe’ allergies in your family I suggest you get on the waiting list for an F1B puppy. The ‘B’ stands for bred back, this means I have kept back an F1 and bred her back to my other Standard Poodle (Einstein) creating a non shedding Labra Doodle. I will try to help advise you so the right pup fits into the right home, this is a 15 year decision so decide wisely.

The pups will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed twice before leaving my arms to yours, they will be completely vet checked a few days before they are 8 weeks old. My pups are well handled, nails are nipped weekly and paw massages are done regularly making feet handling a joy rather than a fight. They are laid on their back for submission and I have imprinted each pup as soon as it is born. These are very loyal, intelligent, clean and easy to train dogs.

For more information on one of these pups please tell me the toy that is with him and I will send you all the pictures I took of that particular pup. Text 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113 or simply use my contact page.