Jax (Kindersley)

Jax is the mascot for the ball team and I bet he gets a lot of attention. I hear he even rides on the bus with his team. I love to see this kind of thing where one of my pups is so included in the family’s outings. Jax will no doubt grow into a well mannered and well known dog, apparently he starts hunter training this fall. Way to go Jax (and Tom)!


It sounds like Jax is picking up on what he needs to do pretty quickly. He still has one sibling here named James, the rest of the litter are in their new homes. These are the last pups from Krissy and Einstein, she has now been spayed and is looking for a new farm or acreage home. Krissy is a beautiful Chocolate Lab from Registered Stock although I did not register her. She is kind and very gentle and not a barker. Jax’s master told us:

Jax also knows how to sit, down, and shake a paw.


Jax lives with his master Tom at Kindersley, this fellow is going to be a duck/goose and upland game bird Retriever.  Jax is from Krissy and Einstein‘s May 6 litter.