To keep a pup calm you need to stay calm around her, I don’t know if Dexter is a calm dog or not but a lot of smaller breeds are not (through no fault of their own, they are way too cute and get carried around way too much). Keira’s family sent us a new pic and wrote:

Keira was fixed last week and healing nicely. Our biggest hurdle is keeping her calm.
I am attaching a pic of her and Dexter taken this morning.


Keira’s family sent us some new pictures. I advised them how to solve the digging issue, so hopefully they take that advise. I have my dogs in huge runs on dirt and have never had one dig out yet. I am sad that Krissy can’t have more pups but with mastitis being the issue this round there is no way my heart would let me do that to her again. Keira’s family wrote:

Here is some photos of Keira from today. She is growing nicely. Absolutely tons of energy and she is true digger. Good thing we have lots of space for her.


Keira is one of Krissy and Einstein’s May 6, pups who now lives with her buddy, Dexter, in Winnipeg. Her family sent us some pictures and let us know:

I am attaching some pics of Keira with Dexter who is 10. They are getting along famously.