Lexi (Thunder Bay)

This is Ontario Lexi, she is one of Daisy and Einstein’s females from the May 9th. 2014 litter. Happy birthday puppies! You are now officially a dog! Pats from Grammy and a huge Thank you to Anne for sending this. Hello people who own siblings, how is your pup doing? I would love to hear about them and I share pictures of siblings but do not forward anyone’s personal info.


Here is an updated picture of Lexi. I think this is an awesome cut! Thanks for sharing Anne! She wrote:

Happy First Day of Spring! Lexi just got a Spring haircut!


What a little poser Lexi is, she just came back from her Spay and all is well. This is one of Daisy and Einstein’s females from their last litter, May 9th. 2014 It just makes my day when I open my computer and get to see how my pups are turning out.

Doodle owners need to get the groomer to take the weight out of the ears by clipping the middle out and leaving a fringe, when they are left heavy like this clip that Lexi has they get ear infections. Ears need to be plucked and clipped to make them lighter in weight, both sides of the Doodle family are water dogs (webbed feet and heavier ears from the Standard Poodle side) and water dogs are prone to ear infections if the ear canal can’t air out.

About the last picture here, Lexi’s family wrote:

My husband took her out to our ice shack overnight and she hopped on the bed to snuggle with him and get off the cold floor. She is such an affectionate dog. She had so much fun on the ice running and playing with other dogs. My parents are visiting for the Christmas holidays and are really enjoying Lexi’s company. She has settled down a lot since they last saw her 4 months ago. I was also impressed that she didn’t get into any presents under the tree or eat any ornaments…lol.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog!


Here is an update from Lexi’s family:

We reached a couple of milestones with Lexi this week. She outgrew her first kennel, so we had to buy her a new bigger one. Also, today she had her first haircut. We had the hair around her eyes and nose trimmed up. She was an angel for the groomer.


Daisy and Einstein had two female pups named Lexi this last litter, this is the Thunder Bay Lexi. She is a cute little monkey and I love it when my buyers send me updated pictures. They wrote:

Here is the picture of Lexi with Russ’ 91 year old Grandma. Lexi is a very affectionate little girl. She cried in her crate most of last night. It’s just like having a newborn again. I’m sure she’ll get used to her crate soon. We’re driving back to Thunder Bay right now and she’s sound asleep in her crate right now. She is now 17lbs.