This is one of Amber and Cesar‘s Oct. 31st, 2013, males. I kept him and Marty back to do some basic training on.  Mac moved to Saskatoon with an entire family of small children, I knew this was the right move for him. His family sent this picture and told us:

Mr. Mac is doing awesome!!!! He is so great and the kids love him to pieces. He runs everyday with either my husband or myself or both!!! Some days he runs 12 km at different times of the day. We take him to off leash with all the other dogs and he runs a lot but still likes to stick close by us. We have had him at the lake a couple times and he can just wander around, he never takes off on us which is a great quality I was hoping for. He is going for a haircut on Friday and I’ll have to send a picture when he gets home from that because he looks so handsome! My oldest girl has taught him how to play hockey with her and they keep the ball away from each other!! So cute