Penny lives in Regina with her family. I love her clip job! Pats to Penny from her Grammy. She was the smallest pup in this litter. Thanks for the update Johanna! She wrote:

It’s so great to see all the pictures of the puppies! Here’s a few of Penny


These are awesome pictures of Penny, one of Daisy and Einstein’s female pups from the last litter.  I think I have pictures of every one of this litter now.  Penny seems to have made herself right at home in Regina with her own water fountain.  I can see she is in good hands.  Daisy is now spayed and I am still trying to get in touch with the family that spoke for her (without any luck).

For pups that are prone to carsickness:  Take the food away eight hours before travel until they start to get used to travel.  Do not give them Gravol on a treat, the treat is rich and will not work with the gravol, give baby gravol and then a drink if anything.  They do make Gravol for dogs, you local vet clinics will carry it.  In the hot weather do not take their water away before travel, only the food, then the worse thing that will happen is drool.  They do grow out of it, some take longer than others. I transport pups on a regular basis and rarely have one get car sick. I do have some that drool but after a few miles they are fine.  I take the food away at least eight hours before travel, get the pups up early so they can pee and poop, load and go.  Wal Mart carries a product called Dr. Goodpet Calm Stress. It is getting hard to find so I scout out all the Wal Marts on my puppy routes and if they have it I buy them out. It is the very best, bar none, that I have ever found and I have tried a lot of different things.  Maybe this is the time to confess that I was a car sick kid so I feel so sorry for car sick pups. I have even tried a few drops of the Dr. Goodpet Calm Stress myself, it made me so calm I wanted to lay down and have a nap!

Some other tips are to face the crate to the front of the vehicle. If you have ever ridden a train and faced backwards you will know what I am getting at here, it makes you nauseous.  Keeping an air vent blowing towards the front of the crate will help also, this is the reason dogs like to hang their head out the window (and that only dries out their eyes and causes greater problems down the road).  So there you have it in a nut shell, try it and see what happens.

Penny’s family gave us this update:

Quick update on our Penny. She’s doing really well, loves the yard and the sprinkler! She thinks it’s her very own water fountain! She pretty much sleeps through the night and wakes up really happy to see us.

Penny did great at the vet on Saturday, she was a real trooper through the visit. We are having some trouble with car sickness. She throws up after or during car rides. The vet suggested a couple drops of baby gravol on a treat about an hour before travel. We’ll see how that goes.

She’s looking pretty fluffy and I was wondering when a good age for grooming is? I know to wait until she’s safe from viruses but she still seems too little to me. Just wanted your thoughts on that. She loves being outside but always parks herself in the shade haha! Oh and she’s making it down the stairs all by herself! Thanks for all your advice!