Luke – F1B Labra Doodle (from Dallas) – Born July 1, 2014

Luke has been sold!

‘Luke’ is the last male available from Dallas (Brindle F1 Labra Doodle) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle), making him an F1B non shedding Labra Doodle that will weigh about 60 to 70 lbs when mature. He is Chocolate but I think he is going to get lighter highlights throughout his coat as he matures. He was the smallest of the males and has a wavy to curly coat. He will have his vet check on Thursday and will be ready to go this week end, they are eating solid food and drinking water, Dallas only stands a few minutes for nursing and then jumps into her get away box while everyone stands on their hind legs and tries to figure out where she went. This is a very happy bunch of pups with tails wagging all the time. They look like a pack of baby bears and are at the stage where they roll and play like little bears.

Luke has a very gentle temperament. Today he got his paws clipped and nails done. He is excellent about laying on his back and very patient about the whole process. He will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed twice before leaving me, he will be totally vet checked and will come with lots of instructions. Luke was spoken for but his future family had a unexpected financial obligation so can’t take him. For more information on Luke please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371