F1 Labra Doodle Females (Tigger) – Born July 27, 2014

All of Tigger’s puppies have been sold!

Tigger is my smallest Chocolate English Lab and she went camping in July with Einstein, my smallest Apricot Standard Poodle. This camping trip resulted in 9 puppies, that much to my surprise were all born pitch black. These pups are just starting to Brindle now and will get more gold and chocolate hairs amongst the black as they mature giving them an outstanding looking minimal shedding coat. F1 never need clipping unless you want them kept shorter, the hair gets about 4 inches long and stays that way.

The girls have had three sets of boosters and are now safe to go anywhere, they are protected from the deadly Parvo Virus. These girls would like an active family, maybe a upland or water fowl hunter. They are extremely intelligent, gentle natured and very well handled. They will mature at about 60 lbs. and have the nice blocky Lab head and good spring of rib. For more information or pictures of these girls please text 306 521-1371, call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page. They have been sleeping in a crate with the door off to make crate training go smoothly and are trained to pee and poop in one small area of their pen to make housetraining go quickly, they are old enough to sleep through the night.


Tigger (English Chocolate Lab) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) now have only four females left from their litter of nine puppies. These girls have been trained to come to a whistle, they all pee and poop in the same area of their pen, they sleep in a crate with the door off and have been taught to keep their tongue in their mouth and feet on the floor. This means they have had a very good start! They are great about having feet handled as I do nails weekly and paw massages are their favourite thing, right up there with belly rubs.

The girls have now had all three sets of puppy boosters, they have been dewormed twice and are completely vet checked. Any one of these four would make a great hunting companion, both sides of the family have hunting dog in the background. They love kids! They are minimal shedding (which means they will shed a bit but not like a full Lab). I encourage my buyers to pick a quiet evening of the week and make that into the night you brush your pup. This will not only take care of any loose hair but will bond your pup tightly to you and your family.

The price of the pups is now $835 and that price includes delivery to most places on the Central Prairies, buyers from further away can meet me part way. I do not ship my pups but choose to drive them and safely place them from my arms to yours so I know in my heart nobody has done anything to traumatize them along the way. If you would like more pictures of one certain pup please tell me by the stuffy or toy that is with her and I will send you all the pictures I took of her. You can text me at 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Tigger, Chocolate English Lab, and Einstein, Apricot Standard Poodle, had a huge litter of 10 pups on July 27. Most were females, five of the seven are pictured here. If you see a puppy that catches your eye let me know and I will send all the pictures I took of that pup yesterday.

These girls have had two sets of boosters, are dewormed and have been totally vet checked. They are now weaned, they will be 8 weeks old tomorrow so are on solid food. They know to come when I whistle for them and are trained to pee and poop in one small area of their big pen. They know that licking and jumping up on people is a no-no. They have had the tiny ends nipped off their nails weekly and get paw massages each time they are handled.

F1 Labra Doodles are classified as minimal shedders, this means they will shed but not like a Lab. Weekly brushing will take care of the little bit of hair that does come out and will also bond you with your puppy. These are very well handled pups, I bottle supplemented to help Tigger out. I never expect my mothers to go it alone when there are over eight pups in a litter. The girls are just starting to get their Doodle hair on their muzzle and ears so they are really starting to get some character now. They will not stay black, as they mature they will get some chocolate and apricot hairs throughout their coat which will make them Brindle in color.

For more information on the girls please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 (do not phone this number as I am often where it is inconvenient to answer). I will answer your text ASAP


Tigger (English Chocolate Lab) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) have produced their first litter of F1 Labra Doodle puppies together. They were born July 27th, so will be ready to go the end of September. These pups were all born black but they are going to Brindle in color (have gold, chocolate and silver throughout their coats when they mature). These are very nice stocky pups, with a real Lab look to them, and they have the laid back Lab temperament. They already pee and poop in one small area of straw in their pen, they have started on wet food and are helping themselves to the dry puppy food and drinking water, they come when I whistle and everyone is very good about having nails nipped off and feet massaged.

These are F1 which are minimal shedders and this bloodline would make hunting dogs for upland or water fowl or be a loyal family dog. They have been handled by children under supervision, so they know what ‘little people’ are all about and the old barn cat has taught them that cats are a lot of fun unless you try to use them for a chew toy! Dew claws are off and the hair coat on this litter will be shaggy like a Benji dog, it will never need to be clipped unless you want it shorter for going to the lake or in wood tick season.

The price of this litter is $800 and that is delivered to Central Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, buyers from further away can arrange to meet me part way. I do not ship my puppies but choose to place them safely into the arms of their forever family. For more information use my contact page or text (do not phone) 306 521-1371 and I will get back to you ASAP. If you see a puppy that catches your eye, tell me by the toy that is in the picture with it and I will send you all the pictures I took of that puppy. I require a deposit to hold a puppy and the balance when I deliver her and you are happy with the quality of puppy I place into your arms.