Guinness (Calgary)

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This is Guinness and his room and playmate, Lexi, Guinness is one of Daisy and Einstein’s males from their last litter before Daisy retired. He looks like he is having a lot of fun! Guinness and Lexi live in Calgary.


Here is an updated photo of Guinness. His family wrote:

My baby boy, he is an amazing dog. Getting close to finishing his service training.


This is one of Krissy and Einstein’s May 6, 2014, males that now lives with his family in Calgary. He is really getting his brindle coloring in now. I would love to see what the rest look like. Krissy is now spayed and looking for her forever home. Guinness’s family told us:

So Guinness is what we named him and he is amazing. Really fitting into our family really well. Thank you so much.