Sadie (Outlook)

This is Sadie, she really shows the Lab and it looks like she has scored a pretty great home, I didn’t even get to go ice fishing this year and there is Sadie, ice fishing! Sadie’s family wrote:

Thank you for the pictures! And whenever you have time and find the other pictures of Winnie, you can send them then! Thanks I will attach a few pictures of Sadie from this past winter.
1st pic – Out ice fishing
2nd pic – loves to cuddle (even in the vehicle)
3rd pic – out for a walk with the kids
4th pic – play date with our relatives German Shepard
5th pic – cuddling with my son
6th pic – chewing on her deer horns (just taken today)


I am so happy that one of my dogs has found her dream job as a bird dog. They have bird dog in their blood and will excel at this natural sport. It was a real treat to receive this email as I have been wondering about this particular pup. Sadie’s family wrote:

She is such a fun puppy! She has recently just graduated from “puppy class!” We had her in it to socialize with other dogs/people! She did great! We have had her out hunting quite a bit! She is doing quite well with the “bird hunting!” Once the gun shot goes off she is eager to go find the bird that dropped. First snowfall she went out and had a blast and kept licking the snow!! I am attaching a few pictures of her…
First one-Sadie retrieving a duck
Second one-my son and Sadie out hunting
Third one-successful hunt
Fourth one-relaxing on the chair
Fifth one-first snowfall with my kids
And last one-Sadie and my other 2 poodles (Teddy & Coco) they are all great friends!!


Sadie is one of Winnie and Cesar‘s May 12, 2014, females that now lives on a farm near Outlook. The boy seemed allergic to her at the start but it seems to be working itself out now. Her family wrote:

I am attaching a few pictures of Sadie. She is just an amazing puppy! We are loving her so much and I am happy that our son is getting better with her!!! First picture (she is playing fetch with her toy duck), Second picture (played out after our walk), Third picture (saying goodbye to the kids on their first day of school). Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!!