Cash (Regina)

This is Cash, he is the son of Krissy and Einstein. Krissy is now retired and lives on a farm near P.A. What Leanne is saying is that they should have started sooner with enforcing the rules. This is a very beautiful pup, even time in the back yard with another young dog would help. Decide what the end result of your dogs behaviour should be and start working on it right from the day you get your puppy. I am sure Cash will catch on quickly, these Doodles are very eager to please. Cash lives in Regina, so maybe his Grammie will get to see him one day. His family wrote:

Just sending a quick update on Cash. He’s been great, however we’ve come to realize we need to step up our parenting skills… Our new doggy day care team has let us know that Cash behaves like he’s much younger than 10 months – which we hope this socialization will help with.


This is another of Krissy’s males, this guy lives in Regina. I am surprised that she says he is learning slow because they pick up very quickly. His Brindling is right on schedule, it starts with the face, then paws and underbelly and just goes from there. Some Brindle more than others but his face is definitely brindled now. This was the second biggest male in this litter. His new family wrote:

Here is a pic I just took of Cash. He’s turning into a handsome gentleman!! Very slow on the brindling tho, I expected more than his face to change by now. He’s just over 30lbs as of last weekend. Growing fast and learning slow.