Barley is one of Amber and Einstein’s males from July 21st. 2011. His family wrote:

We live in Regina and have loved the addition of Barley to our family. As you can see in one of the photos attached, Barley has an adopted brother – 10 year old American Eskimo, Boogie. Barley stuck to Boogie from the second they met. He is her security blanket, and she does anything he does, which suits Boogie just fine. They have become best friends.

Barley, although shy and timid, is the dog that I always wanted. She is loyal, obedient without effort, extremely athletic, and gentle. She is also a big goof, which is hilarious. Another photo below shows Barley in the water on our latest camping trip in northern Sask this September. She is an excellent swimmer and is completely ball-driven. She is also very intelligent. She walks well on leash, is attentive to instruction, and shows 0 aggression. She knows all the usual commands (sit, stay, shake, down), and just for fun and treats – roll over, which is funny given that she is 75lbs and all legs.