Eddie (Regina)

This Eddie and the one from Lorette, Manitoba are both from the same litter, Darby and Cesar Feb. 26th. 2013. It is not the first time I have had two full siblings with the same name. This Eddie lives in Regina and it sounds like he is quite the character also. I am thrilled that some of my buyers update me on their pup. I sometimes get a chance to see one of my pups in person and it is breathtaking for the moment that they smell me and remember who I am (especially the ones I bottle supplement). This is what keeps me ticking folks and I get very excited when you share your Doodle stories with me. I sincerely appreciate the time you take to stay in touch. Eddie’s family told us:

Hi! Thank you so much for sharing the email regarding Eddie’s brother. How funny that two from the same litter get the same name!

Our life has definitely not been the same since this guy joined our family! He is a character! He is definitely mama’s dog, he follows me everywhere! If I’m in the bathroom, he waits outside the door! Always has to be in the same room as me. If someone is playing with him and I leave the room, he has to keep checking on me. The first year was a little rough, he started to eat socks, and I mean swallow them! I don’t even know where he would get them sometimes! It would have been alright if he just chewed, but no, he’d eat them! Wound up in hospital because of it, although he got them out on his own, thankfully! This is more of a rare occasion now, so we hope it was a puppy thing! We would love to grow out his fur, but he is so curly and he doesn’t like to be brushed, so it is easier to keep him shaved. In the photo it is shorter than usual, we let it grow for the winter, but couldn’t keep on top of the mats. . Oh well, I love him shaved and he can always wear a sweater! He has lots of energy and is a toy destroyer! We have a “Barkbox” come to the house once a month and the toys are lucky to survive 48 hours! He does have a great time in those hours though! He can still be a handful, but we can see the amazing dog he is becoming and I look forward to years of love with him! Three kids and my dog keep this house active!