Vader’s (from Doe Dee and Cesar)  family is with the military, so he is doing a stint overseas. I have one that just moved from Calgary to Texas last year, so I am really getting a few world travelers. This litter is in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba also. Vader’s family wrote:

Here’s Vader out for a walk in Vietnam and posing.

Tucker (Saskatoon)

These are the first pictures I have seen of Tucker (from Kayden and Pluto born June 6, 2009) since he was a pup, he certainly grew into a handsome dog. I didn’t think he would get this big but it is hard to tell in the picture as his partner is a small woman and sitting in the background a bit. This is the head I was looking for, nice a flat, I am thrilled to say I am his breeder. His family wrote:

Tucker also has a new little brother – “Ryder” (pic attached) Registered name….. RoughRyder…lol! We love him…but sure is no Tucker, my husband keeps saying we should have got another Doodle…he seems to want a white/cream one?

I should NOT even be TYPING this….but if you ever had one like Tuck…that just needed a wonderful forever home………yikes….maybe let me know. My daughter (who Tucker ADORES…said this today….”You know Mom, if Margaret Ann is getting ready to retire, we really should get another Doodle) I almost had a stroke….THREE dogs would be a handful…m

I’m a bit of a neat freak including our acreage yard….but Tuck has been the BEST teacher…


BTW- We are horse people…Tucker loves our horses, they love him….he lies next to our Stallion for goodness sakes. Also, each year we take horses and head to Cypress Hills for 2 weeks, Tuck can’t wait to get in the truck, he rides everday with us….AND… takes care of the third horse we bring..this horse is loose following along behind us…if that horse stops to does Tuck, then the two of them catch up…priceless.

Tucker & Lilly (Regina)

I tell people to put the crate where the puppy can see them so they can talk softly to it and reassure it that all is well, but sometimes in the excitement of seeing their puppy they don’t always get all the instructions. Tucker, the Blonde Doodle is from Dezi and Einstein, May 4th. 2012 and he got a little sister, Lilly is from Darla and Einstein, Oct. 8th. 2014 for Christmas. I have quite a few buyers who have two Doodles from here now. Their family wrote:

We had a tough 3 nights as Lilly cried and cried. We moved the kennel into our room and she no longer cries. Goes right into the kennel when it’s time to sleep and stays in there until morning.

Here is a picture of the two waiting for a treat. Lilly is very smart, follows Tucker everywhere and copies him. She has started to whine at the back door to go out but still has some accidents. She loves all the toys which is great. Tucker never liked to play with them. He preferred learning tricks and practicing obedience activities, for treats. We couldn’t imagine not having Lilly as part of our family.

Toby (Moose Jaw, SK)

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This is a pretty awesome clip of ‘Toby just being Toby’ and I thank Kristin for sending this, Toby lives in Moose Jaw with his family. He is one of Dane and Cesar’s pups from August 9th. 2014. He is a big pup and clipping this short in wood tick season is almost a must this year, they are wicked, small and lots of them. This young pup bonded strongly with his children and he has his parents soft personality.


This is Toby, who now lives in Moose Jaw with his family, three kids to play with. He is one of Dane and Cesar’s August 9th. 2014 models. He was featured in the Moose Jaw paper. Looks like he knows he is the star! Hearing about my pups is what keeps me putting one foot in front of the other some days so please don’t think you are bothering me by including me in your updates about your puppy. Thank you to those of you that have updated me. I have heard a lot of great things about Toby, roles that he has taken on himself like putting each of the kids to bed and staying with them until they are asleep. I would say Toby has it made with this family to love him unconditionally. A Cesar Bone from Canadian Tire will help with chewing, Internet Cables are not great for dogs! His family wrote:

This is Toby the Supervisor. He follows our youngest, Carter, everywhere. It is so sweet, our boy hurt his foot this past week end and Toby has not left his side. It melts my heart, he lays on Carters bed until he falls asleep and then comes out of his room. Toby has brought our children so much joy. It has only been a few months but he is a member of our family already and we love him to death. The kids play fetch with him 100 times a day and he always brings it back and drops it . He goes in his crate when we say “go to bed”. He knows sit, stay, leave it, drop it, come, and down. He comes in each kids room at night and lays with them until I’m done tucking them in and then comes to bed. He is an incredible dog! It is a good thing I have some self control and don’t have a bigger house or I’d be coming back for another!

Toby is doing great (with the exception of him chewing through our Internet cable in the back yard) lol .It look 2 sasktel guys a few hours to figure that one out! He is eating well and sleeping well with lots of puppy friends. He is 46 pounds at 6 months and his vet says he is quite a looker for a goldendoodle haha. He is great with the kids but has yet to learn proper greeting behaviour as he gets pretty jumpy and wound up still. He thinks he is a lap dog and tries to lay across my shoulders when I sit on the couch. All is well!

Tina (Newfoundland)

Miss Tina, who is a daughter of Dallas and Cesar, has moved to Newfoundland! Look at where this dog gets to play beside the ocean. I sincerely thank Suzanne for this amazing update. Tina will be getting some little brothers and sisters this July if all goes well. I would be thrilled to see and hear how her siblings are turning out. I never get tired of hearing about my Doodles! Tina’s family wrote:

Hi Margaret Ann We’ve moved back to Newfoundland and Tina loves the beach she jumps off the little cliffs such a goof!! So glad she’s part of our family love her so much!!


This is Tina, one of Dallas and Cesar’s 2014 pups. She now lives in Outlook, Sask. with her family. They told me they are very happy with this little girl and are raving about how smart she is and how quickly her house training is going. She is a very well loved girl. It looks like she has fit right in! Her family wrote:

Attached you will find pictures of our sweet heart Tina. She is doing great and we are so happy she is with us. Wanted you to see how sweet Tina looks in her new Christmas dress. Tina is such a lady!! She’s amazing we are so glad she is a part of our family. She loves helium balloons!

Stella W

This is Stella.  I gave this advice to her family: A pigs ear or a Cesar Bone from Canadian Tire will help with the eating anything on the floor, keep the shoes or anything that smells like feet, up or behind closed doors, where she can’t get it. The ticking clock is a great idea, the first night is always the hardest because they miss their mum and siblings. The first night is hardest for everyone including the puppy. Limit treats to a milkbone at bed time, making her sleep in the crate is the key to settling her in quicker and helps with housetraining also. Stella’s family wrote:

She is doing fantastic and has settled in well. Friday Night wasn’t too bad. Saturday she found her bark and barked and cried all Saturday night so we didn’t get much sleep. I have been getting up at 2.00am ish to take her out and she is very playful and mischievous when she comes back in at that time in the morning. A friend suggested we use a ticking clock to keep her company, she had the radio but it didn’t seem to work.

I downloaded a ticking clock on the ipad and left it with her last night, she never made a sound all night, I took her out at 2.30 into the back yard for 20min and had a play when she came back in, then back to bed and not a sound out of her till we got up this morning, we will see tonight if it lasts. I am not sure if it is the clock or something else but she seems content.

She is eating well and I am taking her for her booster this morning. She now has a fetish for eating shoes and or anything that is lying on the floor.

Snickers & Duke

This was such an awesome surprise to receive a series of pictures of not one, but two of my Doodle dogs. I love the pictures of him on the stairs, you can really tell how much he has grown. This Grant is a gentle bear of a man, I wish there were more Grants in this world and that every one of my dogs could have one as an owner. He wrote:

Here is Snickers! The other labradoodle is Duke who is now 5 and also from Margaret Ann. Snickers likes to sleep all over the place. Duke and him have epic tug of war games and wrestling matches but Duke can still run faster – for now. Snickers likes chasing our cats but is quite gentle when he catches them. He does like to dig through the garbage but does not chew shoes- only sleeps on them. He is chocolate brown right now but has some white and some black patches on his back so we’ll have to see what his grown coat will look like!