Jessie (Regina)

This is Jessie, another of Winnie and Cesar‘s May 12th. 2014 litter. It is really great to hear how my pups are doing and helps me know what kind of pups I am getting. I will definitely breed Winnie to Cesar again next spring. Her family wrote:

Just thought you’d enjoy seeing pictures of how quickly Jessie is growing. The first picture is our daughter with Jessie on her first day with us. The other photo was taken last week. We like to take pictures bi-weekly to document her growth. She is the love of our life. Little did Jessie know that she had some ‘big dog paws’ to fill upon arriving at our home 2 weeks after the sudden loss of our beloved 11 year old golden retriever. We were devastated and unsure of how a new puppy would fit into our lives. We are in heaven. Jessie is amazing, sassy, bossy, loving and so SMART. She has filled out hearts back up again. Thank you for raising such beautiful and loving dogs. She is the main attraction everywhere she goes and is already the mascot for our daughter’s hockey team. We are still trying to figure out a way to get her into the rink to actually watch a game but she loves to visit all the girls on their exit from the rinks.

First snow day in Regina yesterday. Jessie loves her sweater and took full advantage wearing it yesterday. We weighed her last night and she’s a solid 49 lbs and loves going to hockey and lots of walks. She is doing awesome!