Hello Everyone;  I am now working on my backup plan in case my health doesn’t allow me to continue with my Doodle breeding.  I am not really a small dog fan but I love the Miniature Schnauzer breed, so I have selectively collected five females over the last three years and have just purchased a new male.  The females are Meghan, Honey, Pea Bea, Jae, and Marmalade.  P-B, J, and Marmalade are all daughters of Honey and Spike (who I retired as he was not settling my females), in 2014 I got one pup from Honey, Marmalade, in 2013 and none from Meghan.   I was suspecting it was my females, Honey and Meghan, but in 2014 it became evident where the problem was (Spike).

This is the new kid on the block “K-oss” and he has yet to meet his harem.  He is only three months old so it will be next fall before we know if we will have puppies BUT Rome was not built in a day (because I was not the foreman).  If nothing else I will have a year of fun playing with these guys before we get down to business.  Once I have good pictures of all six I will debut them on my web site.

I am wishing the best for you, your family and all the extended family with four legs, for 2015.