Merlin (Calgary)

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I simply love it when I send and update of one of my pups and get another within minutes. This well loved Doodle dog is Merlin, son of Darla and Einstein, grandson of Kloe and Cesar, who lives with his family in Calgary. I have quite a few Doodles in Calgary now and every so often I get an update that says they have got to know each other at a dog park. Thanks for the pictures Yasmin, I know the kids adore their Merlin, they didn’t know he was coming so I got to share the joy on their faces when I met them with the fluffy little character. She wrote:

Is really nice to hear from Merlin’s siblings. Here is a picture of Merlin last night.  The video is a video of Merlin playing with his friend Amber.


This is one of Darla and Einstein‘s pups, Merlin, who lives in Calgary now.