Rufus (Saskatoon)

Rufus before and after his hair cut. Now that he is clipped you can really see the chocolate and silver coming in. His family wrote:

Here’s Rufus before and after his haircut. ( summer groom). I keep saying ‘it’ll grow!’ I love him long and messy, but obviously not comfortable for summer. We are now attending a ‘beginner’ obedience class. I think we may go ‘novice’ after that. And I have him booked for his neuter on May 5.


Rufus is one of Dane and Cesar‘s males (born August 9, 2014) who now lives in Saskatoon. Looks like not only is he changing color right on schedule but he has passed puppy obedience. Everyone is raving about their puppy so all is well in my heart! His family wrote:

Here’s Rufus at his puppy grad, and then wanting to play fetch. He’s a little pushy. But a good communicator , dropping his bone directly on my lap.