This is Rylea, one of Tigger and Einstein‘s females from July 27, 2014. Her family wrote:

We are just updating you on our wonderful puppy Rylea. She was the female with the pink elephant from Tigger and Einstein’s litter. She is now about four months old and weighs 35 pounds. She is fitting in well into our routine and keeps us entertained with her endless adventures. She is very drawn to water and the snow. She has had her feet washed in the tub a number of times and will now go and jump into the tub looking for water. She watches us empty the horses’ water pails, and we have to watch where she is as she tries to leap into the water spray as we are dumping it. She has dropped a piece of dog food into the water dish in the house and will submerge her nose under the water and root around to try and get it. She has also, on occasion, put her front feet into the water dish and pawed at it. She is also in the middle of teething and enjoys chewing on an ice cube.

She is a very social girl and will be sure to greet each of us every morning once we are up. She still has the welcoming tail wag for us and for new people she meets and she doesn’t jump up and is very polite. She has had play dates with a black lab and a husky mixed breed. She has learned to sit, down, roll over and we are still working on come and stay.

She loves the outdoors and walking in the park, and on the paths we have throughout the treed areas of our property. She helps us with chores in the barn and loves to bug the barn cats.

We have not noticed much color change in her yet, although in the light her leg hair looks brownish and she has a few more white hairs along her back. Her feet are still huge to her body size and we are looking forward to seeing how big she eventually gets.