Tina (Newfoundland)

Miss Tina, who is a daughter of Dallas and Cesar, has moved to Newfoundland! Look at where this dog gets to play beside the ocean. I sincerely thank Suzanne for this amazing update. Tina will be getting some little brothers and sisters this July if all goes well. I would be thrilled to see and hear how her siblings are turning out. I never get tired of hearing about my Doodles! Tina’s family wrote:

Hi Margaret Ann We’ve moved back to Newfoundland and Tina loves the beach she jumps off the little cliffs such a goof!! So glad she’s part of our family love her so much!!


This is Tina, one of Dallas and Cesar’s 2014 pups. She now lives in Outlook, Sask. with her family. They told me they are very happy with this little girl and are raving about how smart she is and how quickly her house training is going. She is a very well loved girl. It looks like she has fit right in! Her family wrote:

Attached you will find pictures of our sweet heart Tina. She is doing great and we are so happy she is with us. Wanted you to see how sweet Tina looks in her new Christmas dress. Tina is such a lady!! She’s amazing we are so glad she is a part of our family. She loves helium balloons!