Tucker & Lilly (Regina)

I tell people to put the crate where the puppy can see them so they can talk softly to it and reassure it that all is well, but sometimes in the excitement of seeing their puppy they don’t always get all the instructions. Tucker, the Blonde Doodle is from Dezi and Einstein, May 4th. 2012 and he got a little sister, Lilly is from Darla and Einstein, Oct. 8th. 2014 for Christmas. I have quite a few buyers who have two Doodles from here now. Their family wrote:

We had a tough 3 nights as Lilly cried and cried. We moved the kennel into our room and she no longer cries. Goes right into the kennel when it’s time to sleep and stays in there until morning.

Here is a picture of the two waiting for a treat. Lilly is very smart, follows Tucker everywhere and copies him. She has started to whine at the back door to go out but still has some accidents. She loves all the toys which is great. Tucker never liked to play with them. He preferred learning tricks and practicing obedience activities, for treats. We couldn’t imagine not having Lilly as part of our family.