Tucker (Saskatoon)

These are the first pictures I have seen of Tucker (from Kayden and Pluto born June 6, 2009) since he was a pup, he certainly grew into a handsome dog. I didn’t think he would get this big but it is hard to tell in the picture as his partner is a small woman and sitting in the background a bit. This is the head I was looking for, nice a flat, I am thrilled to say I am his breeder. His family wrote:

Tucker also has a new little brother – “Ryder” (pic attached) Registered name….. RoughRyder…lol! We love him…but sure is no Tucker, my husband keeps saying we should have got another Doodle…he seems to want a white/cream one?

I should NOT even be TYPING this….but if you ever had one like Tuck…that just needed a wonderful forever home………yikes….maybe let me know. My daughter (who Tucker ADORES…said this today….”You know Mom, if Margaret Ann is getting ready to retire, we really should get another Doodle) I almost had a stroke….THREE dogs would be a handful…m

I’m a bit of a neat freak including our acreage yard….but Tuck has been the BEST teacher…


BTW- We are horse people…Tucker loves our horses, they love him….he lies next to our Stallion for goodness sakes. Also, each year we take horses and head to Cypress Hills for 2 weeks, Tuck can’t wait to get in the truck, he rides everday with us….AND… takes care of the third horse we bring..this horse is loose following along behind us…if that horse stops to eat..so does Tuck, then the two of them catch up…priceless.