Irving’s Travelin’ Cesar is the registered name of this awesome specimen of a Chocolate Standard Poodle….named after a man I admire ‘Cesar Milan’! This big guy just flows, he has flawless confirmation from head to toe and a gentle sweetheart personality to go with it.

His sire is Bellefleet Travelin’ Soldier and his dam is Bemine’s Someday Girl N Sanvar, both are Chocolate. We are getting ready to produce some of the best Chocolate Doodles in the country. I have three English Chocolate Labs that will be old enough to breed in the spring and two Golden Retrievers that are going to be bred to him also….so look for some well bred Doodles from Fur Fettish Farm next year.

Cesar is 1-1/2 now and has produced only one litter of pups so far, from Danni (F1 Labra Doodle). Eleven puppies and every one black….black is only a color as is Chocolate, his pups are already showing his great looks and personality. He is lanky looking now, like a teenager filling out. He is graceful, well coordinated and has great confirmation….he will definitely be bigger than either Einstein or Pluto. He will be breeding daughters from both of them next year to produce some outstanding F1B Doodles….so watch this site in the spring or contact me for an update of who he may be ‘camping out’ with next.


Meet Trump.  I got pick of the litter when I chose this absolutely beautiful specimen of a dog!   Trump is an English Lab, his mother was Gold (with one black parent) and his father was Chocolate (with one black parent).  The litter was 10 pups, all coal black.

This is an old fashioned blocky headed, barrel chested, stout, gentle as a lamb, soft mouthed, intelligent, laid back Labrador Retriever.   He has a son that has gone on to be a professionally trained bird dog although Trump himself has never been used to hunt.    He throws good solid pups with his gentle temperament and loyalty.   This is another guy that will be with me until we die of old age.  He is very obedient and has solid hips and elbows.  He will be 7 years old July 12th and is just starting to get a few gray hairs on his muzzle.   He is such a happy dog, he is like a bulldozer when he goes for his run and then comes barreling back to me and skids to a stop right at my feet awaiting his loving time before he goes back to his kennel.   I called him Trump because I knew he would be my ‘Trump card’ in my Lab and LabraDoodle breeding program.


Pluto, a black Standard Poodle (starting to grey) was born October 15, 2003.   This fellow is the prince of dogs.  He weighs about 45 lbs. and is 21 inches at the wither.  He is a bit slighter in build than Einstein (apricot Standard Poodle), his partner in my Doodle breeding program.   This is one of the most loyal dogs I have ever owned.  If a bear came onto our farm this guy would give his life to protect me.

Pluto is an extremely graceful dog.  If he was a person he would have been a ballerina.  When he has his runs he entertains me with jumping over anything laying around, runs through all the kennel areas to stir up some barking and then runs back like he has played a huge joke on me.   He will also die of old age here!

I could not be prouder of my boys.  Pluto was my first Standard Poodle and I loved him the minute I met him.  He had not been handled enough and they told me he was hard to catch, so he spent the first two weeks here kenneled, leashed or tied and was given lots of attention.  After two weeks I bravely turned him loose, he ran and ran, around and around the building area of the farm.  I sat on a chair and waited, he would circle closer and closer to me and finally when he was done he came and put his head in my lap.   When you get a pup that is one of the things I tell people not to do… do not chase your pup or dog, sit down and let it come to you and then praise it and give it lots of petting (and of course do this in a fenced area so you do not have a disaster).

Pluto is a very mild mannered dog and very smart and obedient…I can not say enough good about this boy and his offspring follow suit.


Einstein is one of my two Standard Poodles.  He and Pluto, my black Standard Poodle, are an unbeatable combination when producing F1B Golden or Labra Doodle pups.  These boys have made me proud to be a dog breeder!

Einstein is his farm name, in real life he is ‘Hammids Eequalsmc Squared’, a registered Standard Poodle, born November 23rd. 2005.  My hat is off to his breeder as she knew what she was doing to produce a Poodle this correct with an intelligent, outstanding personality.  He was shown at one time and believe me he is much happier here in his work clothes with his girls.

Einstein is not a big Standard Poodle as far as Standards go, he weighs about 45 lbs. and is 21 inches at the wither.  He has a very tight curly coat where Pluto has what I call dreadlocks when his coat gets longer.  The combination produces a variety to please every buyer.

Einstein is a ladies man.  He likes to check out all the girls (whether they are in his harem or not) on his run, and always, without fail, comes back when he is done and sits at his kennel gate to be let back in.   This guy is a real gentleman with his ladies and is another that will die here with me of old age!  Hopefully we all have a few good years left in us.


“Klifford the Big Red Dog”, Golden Retriever extraordinaire!  I was the first one there when I found out this litter had arrived and Klifford was my pick of a litter of 10 pups.  He has very correct, solid parents and I was thrilled to be able to purchase a pup from their only litter.  He was born April 2004 and moved here as a pup with us, now this is what a Golden Retriever should look like.  He is correct in every way and solid as a rock and throws his kind, gentle temperament on to all his pups.

Klifford is the father of Kamryn and Kianna, so he is the Grandfather to any of my F1B Golden Doodle pups that come from Kamryn.   Klifford weighs about 70 lbs. and is 23 inches at the wither.  He is a very happy dog.  When he goes for his run he goes to the paddock nearest the barn and checks out the Llama, Alpaca and donkeys that reside there.  Then he looks to see if any barn cats are about so he can give them a lick.  Next he checks on the girls (dog girls) and back to where I am cleaning pens.   Every so often he takes himself on an extended run and checks the cows but on a few whistle commands from me he shows back up with the look on his face that says “you knew I was coming, what is your hurry”.   This boy will die here with me of old age (hopefully him first), as will both my Poodle boys and my English Lab male.  I can not foresee ever parting with them.  We will all retire together if my plan works out.