Stella (SK)

This is another of Tigger and Einstein‘s pups, this girl is named Stella (there are a few Stella’s out there). She has a full sister same litter named Stella in Alberta. I can see chocolate tinges in her hair and it looks like even more once she is clipped. I prefer the clip and I am sure you will also once tick season is upon us. She does have the sad Lab face but I can see the smile on the corners of her lips. I was very excited when I opened this email because I had not heard how Stella was doing, so I sincerely thank you, Paul, for taking the time to update me with pictures and a note on how she is doing. Stella also stayed in Saskatchewan. When I first moved here, 10 1/2 years ago, it seemed putting a pup in Saskatchewan was going to be a rare event, most were going to Alberta, but now I have quite a number of them here. Keep up the good work Doodle owners, I am proud of you! Enjoy our beautiful Spring with your pup! Stella’s family wrote:

Great pictures of Lily, here are some recent pics of her sister Stella. My apologies for not keeping up with the update photos but your updates are a reminder to send you some.

Stella is doing great, and like Lily we had hey spayed and she recovered in a couple of days and was hard to keep calm. She loved the winter and the snow although she looks rather sad in the snowy picture attached…in saying that she always looks sad but is an extremely happy dog. She has that sad face and eyes.. She has slightly brindled but not a lot, mostly around her beard!! She does have quite a few grey hairs coming through though.. We took her to the groomers a couple of weeks ago, the before and after pictures are attached with her bravery ribbon, she definitely came back looking like a different dog, we do prefer her with the shaggy coat..

She had her first dip in the lake last week following her Frisbee , it was a little cold so I think she will think twice next time!!

Casey (Regina)

Casey is one of Korral and Einstein‘s pups, born July 28, 2010. This is the first time I have heard about her, I am thrilled to see how beautiful she is and how happy they are with her! Casey lives in Regina with her family, she is in the exact right place! Thanks Roseanne! She wrote:

Someone asked me where we got our dog from and I passed on your contact info. I thought I would pass on to you how great we think she is. She is very sweet and smart. She has a crazy sense of humour. We love her to bits. We got her from you July 2010. Anyhow, here are some pics and thanks again.

Loki (Grimshaw, AB)

Miss Loki looks pretty comfortable snuggled! Thanks Grant and Amber for sharing. I am surprised she has stayed as black as she is but she may get some brindle throughout her coat as she ages as Dane is Apricot and Cesar gets more silver in his chocolate coat each year , she really shows the Poodle with her muzzle clipped and it sounds like she gets lots of love and attention. They wrote:

Loki is doing very well. The three of us spent the day together driving to scenic areas and having a casual day. She goes everywhere with us and thoroughly enjoys her travels. The last picture is at Elk Island campground near Whitelaw. We took Loki to play in the Peace River. She seems to enjoy the water edge and chased a few sticks in; still haven’t seen her swim yet. I wish I would have taken a few photos of her playing in the water… She is not very graceful yet and her antics are quite entertaining.

Her colouring has remained black. In the right light, you can see a tinge of brown around her muzzle. Although when we brought her home, we were expecting her to brindle, it does not matter to us. She is a beautiful member of our family.


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Princess Loki is one of Dane and Cesar’s females from August 9, litter. It is pictures and videos like these that put the wind under my wings. I love to see how happy my pups are, it is the icing on the cake in this business. It is hard to let them go, so pictures like these tell me in my heart that they are indeed in the right place. I don’t see any chocolate or blonde in her, I had expected this litter to brindle. She is a very lucky dog to have a spa day, I need one also.

This was Dane’s first litter and both she and her sister, Darla, did a remarkably great job with their pups. Loki’s family wrote:

I downloaded an app to my phone and created my first video…. I hope it puts a smile on your face. We have a 50′ rope that allows Loki to play and burn a bunch of energy. When we put on the 4′ leash, she seems to understand that it is learning time and she means business. Loki had another spa day and is all clean and trim. Perfect for a photo, I’d say… Attached is a quick shot as we were about to drive home.

Kona and Magic

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I thank you Tony and Herb from the bottom of my heart for these awesome pictures and the video, with a sound track background no less! Kona, the apricot F1B Labra Doodle in these pictures is one of Dayle and Einstein’s females from March 24th. 2009 litter. Indeed a year later they adopted Magic, who is one of Danni and Einstein’s March 14th. 2010 females. These two girls have the best life I could ever imagine for a dog (two dogs in this case). I actually have quite a number of buyers who have come back a year or so later and adopted a second Doodle.

Dayle, the mother to Kona, is a retired couch potato Regina and I know what a spoiled rotten girl she has turned into. Danni is also spayed and retired but I simply could not part with her when the time came….so she is now the resident deck dog and backup gopher hunting companion for Mudflap, the cow dog (we sold all the cows so she really needed Danni as much as I did). Danni has 100% of her fathers loyalty (Pluto) and when he goes for his run she never leaves his side and neither of them go very far away from me, usually I let each pen run while I do the food, water and never ending poop pickup. Danni comes into each pen with me to make sure I am doing my job, except Pluto’s pen and then she takes a run with him. Pluto is the grandfather of both Kona and Magic.

It means more to me than any of you Doodle owners could possibly know, to hear and see where my dogs are and how well loved they are. I am slowly downsizing by retiring females, and not replacing them. Even with this plan I still have a lot of dogs because some of them I simply can’t part with. All of my males are still here, Einstein, Cesar and Newton (son of Einstein) are earning their keep by dazzling the girls, they are all Standard Poodles. Pluto (Black Standard Poodle), Klifford the Big Red Dog (Golden Retriever) and Trump (Black English Labrador Retriever) are all getting up in years, don’t breed any more and are very good at eating up the profits BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kona and Magic’s family wrote:

We wanted to add to your joy by sharing our ‘joy’ of being dads to both Kona (just turned 6) and her half-sister, Magic (just turned 5), who are both having a ball living the acreage life near Saskatoon, SK. Although quite different – Kona is independent and smart and loyal, Magic is sweet and loving and observant – they have so much fun together and we with them. Their favourite things are going on walks around the 12 acres from earliest spring to beyond snowfall, chasing after a tennis ball, and moving from couch to couch during movie nights to ensure they spread the love around.

We were so happy with Kona, we added Magic a year later, and it has been and continues to be a wonderful adventure together.

Jax (Fort McMurray)

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I just received these pictures and video of Jax, one of Dallas and Cesar‘s male F1B Labra Doodle pups from their July 1, 2014, litter and I sincerely thank Aaron for taking the time to send this to me. This guy is really starting to Brindle, I can hardly wait to see the end result. I am getting excited seeing what my bloodlines are doing, this has been a 10 year process of picking the best pup and keeping it back for breeding to the best male, I never dreamt it would get this great.

Jax lives in Fort McMurray, I have three Doodles up there now, so maybe they will run into each other while out on a walk.  Not all dogs tolerate wearing boots like this guy, he walks like a hackney pony now with great leg action, this was so fun to watch! His family wrote:

He’s a good dog. Kids love him and he’s my little buddy for sure.

Tucker (Medicine Hat)

This is Tucker, one of Dayle and Einstein’s March 24, 2010, males. As the pictures come in I have been sharing them with people who own siblings. It is awesome to see the similarities in looks and temperament. Tucker now has a little boy to grow up with, so he has a very important job to do now! Thanks Matt, it looks like you have done an awesome job since we met in Redcliff. They wrote:

Thanks for the updates on Tucker’s family. Tucker is doing great here in Medicine Hat as well. We recently had our first baby and Tucker is awesome with him, he loves him and always looks like he’s in protection mode with him.

Tucker has been a pleasure and blessing to have in our family. We couldn’t imagine life without him.

Luna (Warman)

This sweetheart is Luna, one of Danni and Einstein’s females born April 3, 2011. Luna lives with her family at Warman and this is the first update I have had on her in a long while. Danni is my all time favourite of the Labra Doodles hence is spayed and retired to the deck. She is my constant side kick when I am outside and she feels she has to be wherever I am. I have told Bob lots of times, if you come home and can’t find me, call Danni and look in whatever direction she comes from. This was the best Easter email of all when this arrived today. Thank you Linda, you have no idea how happy these pictures make me! I will forward them to people who own siblings to this lovely and obviously well loved Doodle dog.


This is one of Dinah and and Pluto‘s females born April 9, 2011. I hadn’t heard from this person for quite some time so it was really a treat to see Kimbo’s pictures. Thanks Fiona! She wrote:

Sadly Kimbo is not very photogenic; she tends to disappear given she’s black. Here are two photos I could find on my phone. One from last fall and the other taken this morning before she went to the groomers. As you can see she is very cute but sure was hot before her hair cut.

Katie (Pinawa, MB)

This is Katie, one of the cutest little puff balls of a pup you could ever hope to cuddle. Katie lives near Pinawa, Manitoba and she is absolutely gorgeous! She was born March 24, 2009. Dayle and Einstein also had a litter exactly one year later, March 24, 2010. I have people all over western Canada that take their Doodle for a walk and see another Doodle and start to chat and their Doodles are related, or both came from here! I sincerely thank Monique for these awesome pictures and this update on her beautiful Katie! Give that girl a pat from her Grammie. I am here to tell you that it is one of the hardest things to do in my life is to place one of my pups into the arms of the new family and never hear from them again. Often I drive down the road and have to pull over and have a cry, knowing I will likely never touch that pup again, but it still has a special place in my heart. Every so often I get an email, or a card to tell me something has happened to one of my pups, I have been at this long enough to get notice that the dog has died of old age. So Doodle owners, you are making me a very happy dog breeder this past week with all the updates and I am very grateful! Katie’s family told us:

Believe it or not she is still full of energy and continues to make us laugh daily. She’s very gentle and allows her kitty to control her domain lol.

Jenny (Blairmore, AB)

This is another of Krissy and Einstein pups born May 6, 2014. Krissy is now retired and on a farm home near P.A. living the good life. Jenny is starting to brindle, she was coal black when she was born. I am so happy to hear from her owners. Thanks Jocelyne and Jason! I sincerely enjoy seeing pictures of and hearing about my dogs, so never think you are bothering me. I am also here to help with any training issues if needed. Jenny’s family wrote:

Here is a photo of Jenny at 5 months. She’s a handful. Keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh a lot too. We love her to death.