I did not give up on Dallas and she is rewarding me with her first litter of F1B Labra Doodles, at almost three years old. She is now officially overdue with Cesar’s offspring. Dallas is the daughter of Amber and Einstein, and was born July 21, 2011. Amber’s parents are two of the best English Labs I have ever owned, Abbey and Trump. Dallas is quite curly coated for an F1 Labra Doodle so her pups will definitely be non shedding. Watch my web page for birth announcements on this litter, this girl has lots of Chocolate in her background so with Cesar being a Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle we could get some Chocolate offspring this litter. I will send announcement notices to my waiting list first to assure they get first choice on a puppy, then announce on my web page.


Dolly was born on July 25th, 2011. Her Mother is Misty, English Lab, and her Father is Einstein, making her an F1 Labra Doodle. Misty was my pick of the litter from Abbey and Trump, and Dolly was my pick of the litter from Misty, so I am highly impressed with the breeding in this dog. She has the mild Lab temperament and a nice flat Lab head and she is going to go on to produce some fine F1B Labra Doodle pups from the new guy on the block, Cesar.


This is one of Abbey and Pluto‘s pups from August 14th. 2006! This is one of my original Labra Doodles when I started to breed Doodles. Her Grandfather Trump is the same way about thunder (see story below). Her family wrote:

Even though Bailey is far from a puppy I thought I would send you an update anyway. She was 7 in Aug and is as healthy and active as ever. She is an expert at catching frisbees in our back yard and lives to play fetch. She loves running and swimming at the lake and never seems to tire out until it’s dark then she crashes. She is still timid of some noises and especially scared of thunder storms. She seems to know long before we do that the weather is changing. She is so loyal and such an important part of our family that I can’t imagine her not being with us.


Meet Deeva, the smiling F1 Labra Doodle. This girl was born here on Fur Fettish Farm on August 26, 2012. Her mother is Amber, an outstanding Chocolate English Labrador Retriever. Her father is Pluto, a now retired black Standard Poodle who is still with us, and at 12 1/2 years old is solid as a rock.

Deeva is a bit of a clown, she literally smiles, pulling her gums back and showing off her pearly whites. Her mature weight is about 65 lbs. She has a very nice flat English Retriever head and wide chest with good spring of rib. Her temperate is very much Lab, laid back and extremely loyal.

She is pregnant with her second litter of pups, due mid April 2016. She was bred to Einstein, who has produced many great Golden and Labra Doodles over the years.


Deeva, daughter of Amber and Einstein, is wishing everyone that visits our web site, a Merry Christmas….this girl just keeps looking better, I can hardly wait for 2014 when she and Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle) have their first pups. This is what keeps me ticking! I will be 65 this month and am hoping my old body holds together until I am 70 (for my dogs sakes) and then I will have to rethink my breeding program….until then I intend on producing some beautiful pups that will go on to become an important part of many homes! Merry Christmas from me, Margaret-Ann, and all my critters!


Check me out guys and keep an eye on this website in two years when I have my first birth announcement! I am from Amber and Einstein, I was born on August 26th. 2012, my Grandmother is Abbey and my Grandfather is Trump….all are English Labrador Retreivers, so I have a nice flat head, perfect eye and ear set and a nice barrel chest. My Dad, Einstein, is a registered Standard Poodle, he is apricot and has sired some of the best Doodle pups in Canada. I am destined to be bred to Cesar, a registered Chocolate Standard Poodle, when I am two….the results should be pretty outstanding. I am a very gentle, eager to please little girl that learns quickly…I have very good manners as that is the rule here on Fur Fettish Farm. Pictures of me will be updated as I get older, I am going to be a beauty….Margaret-Ann keeps telling me that and I am trying not to let it go to my head!

F1 Labra Doodle Litter (Amber) – Born August 26, 2012

All Amber’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Here are some updated pictures of Amber’s remaining puppies. They were taken on October 6.

For more information, or more pictures of a certain puppy please refer to it by the stuffy that is with it in the picture. This stuffy stays with this pup to help buyers distinguish which pup we are talking about, then accompanies the pup to it’s forever home so it has something familiar to cuddle. Use our contact page or call 306 792-2113 or 306 521-1371 or 403 919-1370 and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Amber (daughter of Abbey and Trump, English Labs) and Einstein, Registered Apricot Standard Poodle, are announcing their second litter of puppies! They were born August 26th, 2012. There is now only one male available and five females. These will be stocky pups, nice flat heads and barrel chests. I estimate they will mature at 50 to 70 lbs. and will have shaggy to wavy coats that will not require clipping unless the new family would like them short for summers. These will have a very gentle temperament, will be great with kids, loyal and very intelligent dogs that will be eager to please, clean and low maintenance. Each of the adults mentioned has a page on the website, their heritage speaks for itself. They will have two sets of boosters, be dewormed, vet checked and very well handled. The price of $700 includes delivery safely into the new owners arms as I do not ship my puppies. For more info use our contact page or call 306 792-2113 or 306 521-1371 or 403 919-1370.


Abbey was from two chocolate English Lab parents.  There were 6 chocolate and one yellow in the litter she came out of.   Abbey produced some outstanding Lab pups from Trump (Misty) and F1 LabraDoodle pups from Pluto (Dayle).  Two of her F1 granddaughters, Debbie and Dory, will go on to carry her great bloodlines.

Abbey picked her own forever owner, a neighbor girl worked for me part time.  Abbey followed her everywhere and laid at the bottom of the ladder when she was painting… it was a forever friendship in the making.  Now she lays on my neighbor’s bed and I am told Abbey growls if anyone comes near her bedroom door at night.   That would be Abbey, faithful and loyal.   She came to visit me for Christmas but did not show any signs of wanting to stay.  After her visit she was ready to go home with her very own private person.


Misty was my pick of the litter from Abbey and Trump‘s August 2005 litter.   This dog really gave me the run around with getting pregnant.  I almost gave up on her.  She was exposed to Pluto at 2, 2 1/2, 3, 3 1/2, 4 and 4 1/2 years old.  I knew there was nothing wrong with Pluto as all his other girls were having pups.  If she was not such a beautiful specimen of an English Lab, I would have given up.  But I had Misty vet checked three times and each time they said they saw no reason she was not getting pregnant.   Finally, when she was  5 years old, Pluto must have sweet talked her because just when I was ready to get her spayed and take my losses, she got pregnant.  Not only did she get pregnant, she produced an outstanding litter of 9 F1 LabraDoodle pups (which is why I have Dory and Debbie).   We are on the right track now.  So this summer we will give Pluto a few extra milk bones and see if he can sweet talk her into another great litter!


Dory in her new home on a farm near Melfort. I really wanted her to go where there were kids and room to be free, and she looks pretty happy.


I brushed Dory out and took fresh pictures of her. She is (hopefully) bred to Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle) and due to whelp in July. I am really hoping for a few Chocolate as her Grandmother is Abbey, my first Chocolate English Lab, her Mother is Misty (Yellow English Lab) and her father is Pluto….these should be some outstanding pups as Misty’s Father is the Mighty Trump. Dory was born June 8th, 2010 and this will be her second litter.


Dory is Debbie‘s full sister, but they are not alike in build or personality.  Dory was born June 8th, 2010, her mother is Misty, making Trump and Abbey her Grandparents.  Her father is Pluto.

Dory is a clown.  She follows Debbie everywhere and then when Debbie takes a break Dory sits on her head, or pulls on her collar, brings her a dead leaf or a toy and wants to go play again.  She idolizes her sister but likes to be in her own pen and have her own space.  She is very much in looks and characteristic like her aunt, F1 LabraDoodle Dayle.


Debbie was born June 8th, 2010, so is 10 months old now.  She was four months old when these pictures were taken.   Debbie is an F1 LabraDoodle from Misty (yellow English Lab making the Grandparents Abbey and Trump), and Pluto (Standard Poodle).  This girl will produce some of the best F1B LabraDoodles from Einstein (in 2012) that have ever been whelped on this farm.

She has a full apricot sister here also (same litter) named Dory.   They have very different personalities.  Debbie is the more adventurous and curious of the two and always in the lead.  Although she is slightly smaller, she can outrun Dory when they go for a run.   I see more of Pluto’s personality in Debbie.  She is a bit of an acrobat and has a clown attitude.  It is very entertaining to watch her figure things out, like how to get the ball out of the dog house.   Debbie and Dory make me wish I were younger… I really want to see what this bloodline will do.


Some news and fresh pictures from Korral and Kamryn’s “retirement villa”! Their owners tell us:

Couple of pics I thought you might like. The kids came down today with Korral & Kamryn. Last time I saw them was in gasoline alley when you were out and Korral was a bit tubby. Korral has always been good for the kids, but seeing her today is like seeing a different dog. She is at her proper weight and fights for attention with the others. She seems happy and out going and is a wonderful dog. I think having Kamryn around has done her the world of good. The three had a good time roaming around. It was awesome seeing them all together.


Kamryn was born February 10, 2007.  She will have her last litter in 2011 and then be retired to a farm or acreage.   Her mother is Kelli, who is now retired and lives on an acreage near Ponoka, Alberta, and her Father is Klifford the Big Red Dog, who will die of old age with his loving master.

Kamryn is an average size for a Golden but long in body (I tend to keep girls for breeding that are a bit longer as they carry their offspring easier and usually don’t have as much trouble with whelping).  She is well feathered and only slightly wavy.   Kamryns maternal Grandfather is “Dexter” of Telford Kennels.  Dexter is a Platinum blonde Golden Retriever that fathered some of the most outstanding Golden Retrievers I have ever had the pleasure of petting.  Kamryn is the mother of Dezi (grey F1 Golden Doodle), so the Grandmother of the two pups she has now.   This is another girl that I will have a lot of trouble parting with so am on the hunt for a special home where I may be able to visit her.   A lot of  my girls retire to my friends and neighbors so I get to see them.  My Chololate Lab, Abbey,  actually came to visit me for Christmas last year.