Dawn is a February, 201,2 model out of Hannah (a very stocky Chocolate English Lab) and Cesar, my Chocolate Standard Poodle. I really expected chocolate pups from this cross but the yellow Lab in Hannah’s background and the black genetics came through in this female. I tell her that women pay good money to get their hair frosted to look like this.

Dawn is one of my smallest F1 Labra Doodles weighing in at 45 lbs. This is her first litter and she was bred to Newton (son of Einstein, grandson of Pluto) so we have some very good foundation stock here. Dawn is a very gentle mannered dog, I didn’t think she was ready to take on a litter of pups in 2015 so the litter in her, due mid April, will be her first and they will be F1B Labra Doodle pups.

Dawn was coal black when she was a pup and slowly the blonde and chocolate highlights started to show up. She is a very loyal dog, dedicated to please me, which makes it very hard to retire her when the time comes. She simply loves other dogs and there is not a pen I can’t put her in that she doesn’t bond with whatever dog is in it.

F1B Golden Doodle Female (Darla) – Born December 9, 2015

All of Darla’s female puppies have been sold!!!

This is the last available female from Darla and Newton’s December 9, 2015, litter. She will be ready to go about the middle of February when she has had two sets of boosters, has been dewormed twice and will be totally vet checked. She is $1,200, that price includes delivery to most places on the central prairies. She comes with her stuffy, a 2 kg. bag of Purina Puppy Chow and a can of Pedigree. I send my pups with lots of instructions and their vet certificate.

Her mother is Darla, daughter of Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle), and her father is Newton, son of Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) and Nancy (Standard Poodle and daughter of Casey and Pluto). There is some excellent bloodlines in this puppy and she will be a gentle, intelligent, clean, easy to train pup that has the capability to be one of the best dogs on the planet.

F1B Golden Doodle Female (Dane) – Born August 28, 2015

All of Dane’s puppies have been sold!!!

Dane (F1 Golden Doodle) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle), have had their last litter of puppies together, born August 28th. 2015. There is one female available. She has a very sweet personality and will be completely non shedding, her coat is loose wavy at this time, I do not think she will get tight curls. She will leave me with two sets of boosters, she will be dewormed twice and totally vet checked on Oct. 26th. Regina delivery date is Oct. 30th. and Alberta is Nov. 1 st. and 2nd., we do not ship our puppies but prefer to drive them to be safely placed into the forever families arms.

My pups are well handled, especially feet are worked with, to assure you have a well mannered pup for grooming. Manners have been enforced, no licking or jumping up has been allowed. I am here with advise to make this puppy into the best dog you could ever hope to own.

The price of this puppy, including delivery, is $1,200. She will come with her inoculation certificate, her stuffy (so she has something familiar for the transition), a 2 kg. bag of the puppy chow and a can of what she gets for breakfast along with lots of instructions on feeding and inoculation schedule. For more information please text 306 521-1371 or 403 919-1370, leave a message at 306 792-2113 or use my contact page.

F1B Labra Doodle Females (Deeva) – Born August 25, 2015

All of Deeva’s puppies have been sold!!!

Deeva (F1 Labra Doodle) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle) have had their last litter. There are now only two females left available. These are well handled, gentle girls with the laid back Lab temperament and sad Lab eyes that will melt your heart. Trying to get good pictures today was a long process because they think straw means play time, I did however get the ducks to stay still! Deeva has mothered this, her first litter, very well. She has an escape box to jump into when she has had enough and she still chooses to sleep with her pups. These are calm, well mannered girls, they have not been allowed to lick or jump up, so they are well started in the manners department and Deeva makes them mind.

We are delivering Regina Oct. 30th., Saskatoon and Alberta November 1st. and 2nd. Manitoba will be after Alberta. The price of these girls is $1,200 including delivery, two sets of boosters, two dewormings and a complete Vet check. They will come with the toy that is in the pictures with them so they have something familiar for the transition from our house to yours. They will have a 2 kg. bag of the Puppy Chow they are on as well as a can of the food they get for breakfast, this gives your the option to stay with the food they are used to or slowly switch them to the food of your choice. For more information please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371, or text 403 919-1370 or leave a message at 306 792-2113.


Deeva has finally had her first litter of puppies. She is a darker Apricot F1 Labra Doodle and she was bred to Cesar, my Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle. Her six puppies were born on August 25th and they will be ready to go the end of October. These will be gentle family dogs that could double as a bird dog. They will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed twice and will be totally vet checked before leaving me. They will come with the toy that is in the picture with them, so they have something familiar throughout the transition from my home to yours. They have just cut their teeth so are started on puppy food soaked in milk with canned added and they now have full access to water and dry puppy chow. For more information on these girls please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113. I deliver my puppies within a reasonable distance, buyers from further away can arrange to meet me part way.

Loki (Grimshaw, AB)

Miss Loki looks pretty comfortable snuggled! Thanks Grant and Amber for sharing. I am surprised she has stayed as black as she is but she may get some brindle throughout her coat as she ages as Dane is Apricot and Cesar gets more silver in his chocolate coat each year , she really shows the Poodle with her muzzle clipped and it sounds like she gets lots of love and attention. They wrote:

Loki is doing very well. The three of us spent the day together driving to scenic areas and having a casual day. She goes everywhere with us and thoroughly enjoys her travels. The last picture is at Elk Island campground near Whitelaw. We took Loki to play in the Peace River. She seems to enjoy the water edge and chased a few sticks in; still haven’t seen her swim yet. I wish I would have taken a few photos of her playing in the water… She is not very graceful yet and her antics are quite entertaining.

Her colouring has remained black. In the right light, you can see a tinge of brown around her muzzle. Although when we brought her home, we were expecting her to brindle, it does not matter to us. She is a beautiful member of our family.


[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Loki.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/loki.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Loki.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Loki.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

Princess Loki is one of Dane and Cesar’s females from August 9, litter. It is pictures and videos like these that put the wind under my wings. I love to see how happy my pups are, it is the icing on the cake in this business. It is hard to let them go, so pictures like these tell me in my heart that they are indeed in the right place. I don’t see any chocolate or blonde in her, I had expected this litter to brindle. She is a very lucky dog to have a spa day, I need one also.

This was Dane’s first litter and both she and her sister, Darla, did a remarkably great job with their pups. Loki’s family wrote:

I downloaded an app to my phone and created my first video…. I hope it puts a smile on your face. We have a 50′ rope that allows Loki to play and burn a bunch of energy. When we put on the 4′ leash, she seems to understand that it is learning time and she means business. Loki had another spa day and is all clean and trim. Perfect for a photo, I’d say… Attached is a quick shot as we were about to drive home.

Jax (Fort McMurray)

[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Jax.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/jax.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Jax.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Jax.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

I just received these pictures and video of Jax, one of Dallas and Cesar‘s male F1B Labra Doodle pups from their July 1, 2014, litter and I sincerely thank Aaron for taking the time to send this to me. This guy is really starting to Brindle, I can hardly wait to see the end result. I am getting excited seeing what my bloodlines are doing, this has been a 10 year process of picking the best pup and keeping it back for breeding to the best male, I never dreamt it would get this great.

Jax lives in Fort McMurray, I have three Doodles up there now, so maybe they will run into each other while out on a walk.  Not all dogs tolerate wearing boots like this guy, he walks like a hackney pony now with great leg action, this was so fun to watch! His family wrote:

He’s a good dog. Kids love him and he’s my little buddy for sure.

George (Spruce Grove)

This handsome dude is George, and that name really suits him, he just looks like a George! He is one of Dory and Cesar’s July 26, 2014, pups. He lives in Spruce Grove with his family and it sounds like they (and he) have done a great job. I am very happy with how many of you have sent updates on your Doodles, it sincerely means a lot to me. George’s family wrote:

George is a wonderful dog…….He is 51 lbs and coming on 8 months. Great walking companion and completely loveable.

Bella (Calgary)

This is a beautiful example of a Doodle that has brindled. They were all coal black at birth and it is hard to tell which will brindle out like Bella did and which won’t. This is one of Kloe and Cesar’s Dec. 17th. 2012 litter. I miss Kloe, she was a great dog to have around. The family that has her are all red heads so she fits right in, I would love to see a picture and if I get one I will share it with you.

Darla, the female I kept, just has some silver hairs in her but they are all over and when she is clipped you can see chocolate down her back. Thanks for this great update Darlene. Have a great spring with Bella. She wrote:

Here is Bella chewing on a twig on the deck. You can see a little better how she brindled. Pretty well all over. Face, legs and hips. So cute I think.


[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/17/Bella.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/17/bella.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/17/Bella.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/17/Bella.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

This well brindled sweetheart is Bella, who lives with her very loving owner in Calgary….and is now playing with foster Chihuahuas. I really commend people who foster dogs until they can get a permanent home! I sincerely thank Darlene for this video clip. Bella is an F1 Golden Doodle from Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle), born Dec. 17th. 2012, Kloe’s second last litter, her last litter was from Einstein and they were all blonde or apricot.

The question she asked was, did the Doodles from this litter not all ‘brindle’? I don’t think many of them stayed totally black, I kept a pup from this litter, Darla, and she appears to be totally black until you look closer and she has Chocolate all through her coat, you can really see it if the sun is shining on her. Bella is really a good example of a Brindle, they usually don’t really start to show the brindle until they are about 4 months old, so it is impossible to tell which are going to get this brindle and which aren’t.

Darla, Bella’s sister, had her first litter last fall and she will be bred again this fall (to Einstein) so those pups should really be brindle now, I have received many updates on them. They were born Oct. 8th. 2014. I will forward this video to all of Bella’s siblings and to the families that have Darla’s pups, also to John to post on my web site. I would sincerely love to be updated on any of these pups. Darla will be bred to Einstein again this fall so her pups will be full brothers and sisters to the Oct. 2014 litter.

I have not been well this winter so I didn’t breed any of my girls until the middle of March, so in May I will start having pups. My notify list is long and I really admire people who are willing to wait, I am reassured then that it is not a spur of the moment decision.

Enjoy this spring that has finally sprung. I can hardly wait to sleep with my windows open and let the frogs sing me to sleep! Bella’s family wrote:

Video of Bella. Short and sweet. Btw Bella has lots of bridling all over her.


I love it when I send pictures of one of my pups (your dog’s) pups to the owner of siblings from the same litter and I get an update on a pup that I have not heard about in quite a while. This is Bella, born Dec. 17th. 2014. Her parents are Kloe and Cesar. I sincerely thank Darlene for sending these, I still have one of these girls. I will attach a few pictures of her, her name is Darla. She had pups late last year bred to Einstein. I have had dogs for many years and I have never seen a female play like she did with her pups, she would lay on her back and hold them in her front paws and roll around and ‘talk’ to them. Thanks so much for all of you who let me see how my pups are turning out. Bella’s family wrote:

Hi. Thought I would send a couple of pictures of Bella here in Calgary. The first is with her sister Carly and the second is my grandson with her. I have so many I could send you.


Vader’s (from Doe Dee and Cesar)  family is with the military, so he is doing a stint overseas. I have one that just moved from Calgary to Texas last year, so I am really getting a few world travelers. This litter is in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba also. Vader’s family wrote:

Here’s Vader out for a walk in Vietnam and posing.