Kona and Magic

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I thank you Tony and Herb from the bottom of my heart for these awesome pictures and the video, with a sound track background no less! Kona, the apricot F1B Labra Doodle in these pictures is one of Dayle and Einstein’s females from March 24th. 2009 litter. Indeed a year later they adopted Magic, who is one of Danni and Einstein’s March 14th. 2010 females. These two girls have the best life I could ever imagine for a dog (two dogs in this case). I actually have quite a number of buyers who have come back a year or so later and adopted a second Doodle.

Dayle, the mother to Kona, is a retired couch potato Regina and I know what a spoiled rotten girl she has turned into. Danni is also spayed and retired but I simply could not part with her when the time came….so she is now the resident deck dog and backup gopher hunting companion for Mudflap, the cow dog (we sold all the cows so she really needed Danni as much as I did). Danni has 100% of her fathers loyalty (Pluto) and when he goes for his run she never leaves his side and neither of them go very far away from me, usually I let each pen run while I do the food, water and never ending poop pickup. Danni comes into each pen with me to make sure I am doing my job, except Pluto’s pen and then she takes a run with him. Pluto is the grandfather of both Kona and Magic.

It means more to me than any of you Doodle owners could possibly know, to hear and see where my dogs are and how well loved they are. I am slowly downsizing by retiring females, and not replacing them. Even with this plan I still have a lot of dogs because some of them I simply can’t part with. All of my males are still here, Einstein, Cesar and Newton (son of Einstein) are earning their keep by dazzling the girls, they are all Standard Poodles. Pluto (Black Standard Poodle), Klifford the Big Red Dog (Golden Retriever) and Trump (Black English Labrador Retriever) are all getting up in years, don’t breed any more and are very good at eating up the profits BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kona and Magic’s family wrote:

We wanted to add to your joy by sharing our ‘joy’ of being dads to both Kona (just turned 6) and her half-sister, Magic (just turned 5), who are both having a ball living the acreage life near Saskatoon, SK. Although quite different – Kona is independent and smart and loyal, Magic is sweet and loving and observant – they have so much fun together and we with them. Their favourite things are going on walks around the 12 acres from earliest spring to beyond snowfall, chasing after a tennis ball, and moving from couch to couch during movie nights to ensure they spread the love around.

We were so happy with Kona, we added Magic a year later, and it has been and continues to be a wonderful adventure together.

Luna (Warman)

This sweetheart is Luna, one of Danni and Einstein’s females born April 3, 2011. Luna lives with her family at Warman and this is the first update I have had on her in a long while. Danni is my all time favourite of the Labra Doodles hence is spayed and retired to the deck. She is my constant side kick when I am outside and she feels she has to be wherever I am. I have told Bob lots of times, if you come home and can’t find me, call Danni and look in whatever direction she comes from. This was the best Easter email of all when this arrived today. Thank you Linda, you have no idea how happy these pictures make me! I will forward them to people who own siblings to this lovely and obviously well loved Doodle dog.

Daisy and Charlotte

Another double thriller for me! This is Charlotte, one of Danni and Einstein’s females born April 3rd. 2011, and her sister Daisy, who is one of Dixie and Einstein’s females born July 1st. 2009. These girls live in Edmonton where they think it is spring now so they have already got their Easter haircuts. Charlotte is the perfect example of a brindle, some seem to get more of the blonde in them than others. Both Dane and Dallas, that are here for breeders, are this color. Their family wrote:

Happy Easter, Margaret~Ann,

We sure hope you are well, and I thought I would send you a note today, on Charlotte”s 4th birthday!!! Where is the time going? Daisy and Charlotte are doing great, and so are our 3 cats. Two cats love our dogs, so they are always cuddling together. One cat lets them know to keep their distance, and the dogs comply!!! Here they are with their new spring haircuts.


Here is a link to a cute video of Daisy and Charlotte showing off how cute they are:



Charlotte is from Danni and Einstein‘s 2011 litter. Daisy is also from Fur Fettish Farm, and is a couple of years older. Their family wrote to give us an update on them:

Daisy and Charlotte are doing great and are very spoiled, and very happy dogs. They both do amazing tricks, to show off, for family and friends. They both will balance a treat on their noses, and not move until I tell them its okay to eat their treats. They both hold so very still and don’t even blink, until I say the command. Daisy loves to play with toys, and Charlotte just loves to cuddle, especially, on the garden swing with me. When I ask Charlotte “Are you shy?”, she buries her head and covers her eyes with her paws. Daisy will bring all her toys and drop them for me to toss them in the air for her. They will both shake a paw, when I ask them “are you my friend?”, and when I ask for a hug, they will lift up both front paws! They also know to lay down just by watching me, when I touch my shoulders. I am a very proud mother, aren’t I??? We adopted a new kitten last year, and she loves the dogs. We had to buy her, her own dog bed, because she always sleeps with the dogs. Now, all 3 of them cuddle together.

Maggie (Melfort)

This is one of Danni and Cesar‘s Sept. 8th litter, I delivered her to Melfort and these kids were so excited to get a puppy…..what a great (and scary) story about Maggie:

I have been meaning to send you an update with pics of Maggie. She is doing really well and we love her to bits!!!

She continues to be great with the kids (1 and 2 years). She is so calm and gentle with them. It’s sweet how she follows us throughout the house and just lays down.

She loves to play outside and has the perfect energy level for our family. She will play hard in the yard and then relax in the house.

We had quite the scare with her at the end of Feb. We had her spayed and a few days later noticed her incision was splitting open. We were surprised because she didn’t chew at her stitches and she wasn’t at all rambunctious. We took her to the vet who examined her and he thought it would heal on its own. That night we were invited out for supper. When we returned, poor Maggie was in rough shape and her incision was wide open! She was rushed into emergency surgery and was stitched up the old-school method. She is fine but it was quite a scary experience!!

We finished beginner obedience last night. She catches on to new things quickly so she did fairly well (2nd in the class). It’s the handler that needs to do better! There might be a beginner agility in June so I hope to take her (she won’t do any jumping).

We are still working on reducing her barking. It’s her one bad habit. She barks when people come in the house but within 5-10 mins she’s calm. She was the barker at dog obedience so we plan to continue to expose her to new people and other dogs. She’s friendly and not at all aggressive, just a little unsure at first.



Hope spring is here soon! We are all desperate to get outside more.


Rose lives in Regina with her ‘special man’ Troy, I can tell he thinks the world of this dog and the pictures show how much time he spends with her. Awesome report, I am sad that I am getting old and will have to stop my breeding program sometime in the next four years.

Just thought I’d say hi and give you an update on Rose. She is still a fantastic dog and we continue to have great adventures together. Just got her clipped short on Wednesday and here she is yesterday at the Dog park. As you can see she loves the water and the ball. Had a proud owner moment when I took her to the vet in the spring and they told me she was the first that they didn’t have to tell them to lose weight that spring. Thanks again for your fantastic foundation, she is such a great dog, everyone who meets her tells me so.


Rose’s family sent us these pictures and wrote:

Rose and I are both happy and healthy. She is awesome in fact. Very well behaved, doesn’t beg for food or bark incessantly. Se can get a little excited when people that she knows come to visit but she settles down pretty fast. She’s learned a few ‘tricks’ and could learn many more but for her owner, haha. She is a fantastic fetcher and will run after the ball for hours. I’ve had her all over western Canada and she travels very well. Also is an incredible swimmer and is hard to keep her out of the water, especially the dirty creeks that I’d rather her stay out of, haha. She has learned to jump out of the boat and off the dock with and without her life jacket. As always she is still fantastic with her crate, a simple ‘kennel up’ and she goes right there regardless what room we are in. I hope all is well you and your large furry family, best of luck in the new year.
I’ve included a few pictures, I hope you like. As she is black she is not the most photogenic but let me assure you she is a one majestic looking dog.


[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/rose.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/rose.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/rose.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/rose.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=480 height=272 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

Here is a video of Rose showing off some of her tricks! Her owner wrote:

Hi Margaret-Ann, just wanted to give you an update, Rose is still doing fantastic. She just got a hair cut and boy does she look different. She had some matting issues so they cut it real short. She looks real sleek now, can really see her beautiful build. Just wanted to tell you again how happy I am with Rose, she’s just awesome. Everyone that meets her, and she’s met quite a few as I’m a social guy loves her. The groomer was amazed that she had never had been cut before, a testament to your amazing work with your critters.

Here is a video of her playing fetch in the house. She has a real good grasp of fetch in the house. Not as good outside. Drop she has down. And she is definitely getting better at sit.


Rose is from Danni and Cesar‘s litter born Sept. 8, 2012.  Another happy buyer….this is what keeps me going and I sincerely thank the buyers who ‘keep me in the loop’! Rose’s owner contacted us to say:

Hi Margaret-Ann, I figured you might like an update on Rose. She is an incredible pup, and happy as can be. I had her spayed last Friday and so far she is her normal happy self. The Vet office was very impressed with her as she didn’t whimper and whine, the secretary told me she forgot that she was there as she didn’t make a peep after she was put in her Kennel.
Anyways here are a few pictures from our first road trip a few weeks back to Fernie, BC. She thoroughly enjoyed herself as did I. Hope all is well in Fur Fettish land. And the other picture is from yesterday after I let her have a break from the “Cone of Shame”


Here is a whole album’s worth of new pictures of Declan and his family. They also wrote:

We wanted to give you an update now that Declan is one year old.

He has grown up to be the most wonderful dog. Whenever someone meets him they can’t get over how kind and sweet he is. I would say “sweet” is the most common word people use to describe him. We had a lot of visitors in August – both dog and people, and Declan was just in his glory. We had a little Pomeranian “Buddy” stay with us for 10 days, they became friends right away. Buddy is older, but Declan is much better behaved. Buddy was following Declan’s lead when it came to kennel time etc. Buddy just had to learn some routine as Declan is used to that. We also had some young kids staying with us, and he loved them! These were the first kids he has ever spent time with. Once he learned that he can knock them over pretty easy, he was much more careful with them. He loved playing ball with them and even let them brush him. When they all went back to Winnipeg, you could tell he missed all the action.

We are working on recall with him now. We bought a big long leash for when we go to a park with big fields. He loves it and comes back to us when we call him. I don’t think we will be letting him go off his leash anytime soon. We are just so afraid that he may see a rabbit or something and take off.

He went to the groomer in July. They were so impressed with him. They couldn’t believe he was under a year at the time and his first time having a full groom. They wanted to hand pull his coat because his hair is wiry like an Airdale. I could barely recognize him when he was done. I think they pulled out all of his puppy coat because now he is a bit softer, and isn’t shedding much at all. I think we will let it grow out for winter, and have the hand pulling done just for the summer.

Declan has also become quite a guard dog. Not yappy at all, but he lets us know if someone is walking near our house with a little growl and woof. He will only bark a couple times if someone is at the door he doesn’t know. He is also quite protective. If people are play fighting, or using an aggressive tone, he is right there in the middle of it, trying to be a peacemaker.

What we need to work on mostly with him is how he reacts to bicycles. He is okay with parked bikes, and people riding bikes slowly, but bikes flying by he lunges at them. When we see a bike coming we move off the path and we try to keep his attention on us, but he is so interested in the bike. I am not sure what his intentions are…. chase the bike, or knock them over. I think what we will do is find a friend with a bike and have them bring it over and ride it around him. Maybe one of us will ride it so he can see it’s okay.


Declan’s owners sent us the following message along with the pictures above:

We hope this finds you well!! Declan is doing really awesome and is growing super fast!! On Monday, March 4 we got his neutering done, and his rabies shot. He was 50lbs then. The first photo I sent was taken after we took him to the groomer at the beginning of April. The others were taken in February/March.

We have been working with Declan on sitting, laying down, do a trick, crawl, shake a paw and he is really intelligent and picks up things fast… Especially when there is a treat involved! He has fetch almost mastered, just a little slow with “release”, but he does bring it back. We have also trained him to “ring the jingle bells” we have on the door knob for when he wants to go outside! Crazy right! He is walking well on his leash, we had to get him one of those no pulling harnesses and that helped a lot. Do you have any tips on how to train him to calm down when we meet people and other dogs on walks? He is getting better, but he gets so excited when we pass people that no one wants to meet him. What a scary Doodle haha. I swear he is going to think his name is Doodle instead of Declan. He is finally not chasing the precious timid cat “Ali” around so she is coming out a lot more often which is relieving! We can now have quiet movie nights as a family! He is great friends with our other cat Sasha. They play and sometimes even share Declan’s bed (actually Sasha just steals it…he thinks everything that is Declan’s is his!)
Sure looks like you have been busy….chocolate Doodles I see…they are precious!


This is Danni‘s other male that went this week end, this character is Declan and he now lives in Calgary. Guinness and Declan were Danni’s last two males to go, there are still three females. All are soft, curly-coated. I am going to start leash training this coming week.

Guinness (Saskatoon)

Enjoy the newest pictures from the family of Guinness!


Guinness is doing very well, and I was excited to get some new pictures and an update from his family:

I thought it was about time I sent you a photo of how handsome Guinness is becoming…

We see so many Labradoodles and I think all of them have the long straight lab tail… we are so in love with Guinness’s very cute curly-like-a-ferris-wheel-tail! We took him to Obedience Classes which was so good for him. He still is crazy about any dog that comes into his line of vision! He really needs a dog-mate, but we just can’t have two dogs! We did find though that he was a changed dog once we gave him a haircut once we got him groomed he was totally different… hanging around and cuddly – it was incredible! I think his thick coat had been bothering him for quite some time and we just didn’t know it – and then we were just so consumed with the house and all.

But we really love him – he is our baby and I think we spoil him, which isn’t good – he is fairly strong-willed… We do have some disagreements about what to do and quite often Guinness wins… ho hum and oh well!

I got this cool 3-wheel bike which is great for running G since I have some back and foot trouble. G loves it – way better than a walk…


Another Satisfied buyer…this is one of Danni and Cesar’s litter of 11, he has just gone to Saskatoon…they had put a deposit on him almost two months ago but had to move into their new house before they could take him so he was here until this past Friday. He still has 4 sisters that look just like him waiting for their family to pick them….I will try to update picture this week but Guinness’s sisters look exactly like this! His new owners wrote:

Well Margaret Ann – Guinness is just a wonder!!! We love him…

We put some paper in the kitchen when we came home – we should have just taken him out in the snow and I’m sure he would have gone pee outside, but about 1/2 an hour after we got home, he ate some lunch, drank some water and looked around for a spot and promptly went on the paper!!! After that, we have taken him up and down stairs. First and second time were soooo scary we had to show him how to climb up and down and then he had it!!! He flys up and down and today is Sunday and no accidents in the house…


And nighttime??? He went (with a little encouragement – well actually a lot of encouragement – a big push really) into his cage and never a whimper or sound all night. Both nights. I get up in the morning, and he bounces around he has to go so bad and out we go to pee. I just keep saying “Go pee” and “Go poop” when he does it and praise him like crazy. That’s how I trained my Black Russian Terrier and eventually she was trained to go on demand. Works great when you’re in a hurry to go somewhere. He’s such a good puppy though and heels nicely already – thanks for the work you did with him.


This is one of Danni and Cesar‘s pups, so this is Cesar’s first litter (and Danni’s last). These people have done an amazing job with this pup….they had never had a dog before, and listened to all my advise, read books, watched videos….I truly wish every pup owner would be this responsible. The end result here will be a wonderful dog that they can, and will, be proud of. That in turn makes me proud to be the breeder! Her owners wrote:

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We are very pleased with Maxi, she has grown on everyone in the family. She is a quick learner and loves people.

On our first vet visit, the vet commented “the breeder knows what she’s doing”.

She did whine at night when her kennel was in a different part of the house. The “fix” for us was to move the kennel where she could see the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. She distinguishes her play with all our girls. She’ll lay down for our 5 year old to be petted or brushed, she responds to our 7 year olds commands/tricks in no time and horse plays with our 10 year olds accordingly. In the new year we plan but to begin classes with her (although she picks up on stuff in no time).

She has never pooed in the house, by the third day she was ringing the bell to go outside. However, now with the coming and going of new people during the holidays, she now gets excited and urinates when she meets someone new (otherwise she urinates outside).

We are all really pleased with her, and to date have not noticed any shedding.