Eddie (Regina)

This Eddie and the one from Lorette, Manitoba are both from the same litter, Darby and Cesar Feb. 26th. 2013. It is not the first time I have had two full siblings with the same name. This Eddie lives in Regina and it sounds like he is quite the character also. I am thrilled that some of my buyers update me on their pup. I sometimes get a chance to see one of my pups in person and it is breathtaking for the moment that they smell me and remember who I am (especially the ones I bottle supplement). This is what keeps me ticking folks and I get very excited when you share your Doodle stories with me. I sincerely appreciate the time you take to stay in touch. Eddie’s family told us:

Hi! Thank you so much for sharing the email regarding Eddie’s brother. How funny that two from the same litter get the same name!

Our life has definitely not been the same since this guy joined our family! He is a character! He is definitely mama’s dog, he follows me everywhere! If I’m in the bathroom, he waits outside the door! Always has to be in the same room as me. If someone is playing with him and I leave the room, he has to keep checking on me. The first year was a little rough, he started to eat socks, and I mean swallow them! I don’t even know where he would get them sometimes! It would have been alright if he just chewed, but no, he’d eat them! Wound up in hospital because of it, although he got them out on his own, thankfully! This is more of a rare occasion now, so we hope it was a puppy thing! We would love to grow out his fur, but he is so curly and he doesn’t like to be brushed, so it is easier to keep him shaved. In the photo it is shorter than usual, we let it grow for the winter, but couldn’t keep on top of the mats. . Oh well, I love him shaved and he can always wear a sweater! He has lots of energy and is a toy destroyer! We have a “Barkbox” come to the house once a month and the toys are lucky to survive 48 hours! He does have a great time in those hours though! He can still be a handful, but we can see the amazing dog he is becoming and I look forward to years of love with him! Three kids and my dog keep this house active!


Griffin was one of Darby and Einstein‘s F1B Golden Doodle pups from July, 2010. She was very smart and very well loved. Unfortunately, his family wrote us with this sad news:

The pictures above are from last week, when Gerald and I and Griff took a holiday in Kananaskis, AB. I think Griff smiled every day, all day. When we drove to the beginning of a hike each day he would alternately put his head on mine and then Gerald’s shoulder and make his happy sound. We had a terrific time. Three weeks ago we took him on a family canoe trip which was also lots of fun. I am getting my life back, a new normal. I am back part-time at my job now and am adapting things to make it work. I am SO grateful and owe a lot of my progress to my trusty furry friend who has stuck by me through thick and thin.

There is a sad reason that I am writing to you however. We arrived home from holidays on Tuesday and Wednesday Griff started to act like he does when he has eaten something he shouldn’t have. We took normal precautions that day but he was still happy to go on his run and we went to visit Emily at work, etc. In the evening he appeared more uncomfortable and was restless in the night in our room. At 5 am he threw up but his behavior was unlike what we had seen before. So we took him to the Vet college right away. As Griff has been on florineff and prednisone for the Addisons he has had the tendency to eat strange stuff; this has escalated over time. We give him loads of appropriate things to chew and give him lots of exercise with the neighborhood pack. However, he must have swallowed a stick or piece of sharp wood recently that punctured his bowel and put him into septic shock. From the start of symptoms to the end was only about 12 hours. We were all with him when he died in our arms. He picked up his head and looked intentionally at each one of us before passing and made his happy sound as Patrick schrunched his ear, like he always does. We are devastated and heart broken. He was the best! I would have lost my mind without him over the past 4 years.

I’m sorry to share such bad news but I know how much you love your pups and thought you would want to know.


This is one of Darby and Cesar’s Feb. 26, 2013, female pups, she lives in Calgary now. This was a very tiny pup that took a lot of extra tender care, look at what a beauty she is now.

In response to the story below, I suggest that people keep the dog in a shorter clip, an inch of hair in the winter and complete clip with a #10 blade in summer then the upkeep isn’t so time consuming. It is like women with thick long hair, the thicker and longer the higher the maintenance. Even full Poodles need to be kept clipped because the hair just continues to grow all year round. They will matt because they don’t shed.

Littlekins’ family told us:

Littlekins is a pure joy to our family – she is very smart, full of fun and very vocal. She loves to cuddle with my husband and give what sounds like trouble while she is doing it… She has been spayed, and got through that like a champ… we were a little scared as she loves to jump off our back deck in a superman style and when we had her spayed she couldn’t do that… but she figure it out!

Our three boys love her to death and play with her for hours… she loved the snow and it was hard to get her in from the snow… and then add to the long curly hair… the poor girl took hours to dry out and then matted… even with constant brushing…

Thank you for such a wonderful gift!!!!


Vesta’s mother Darby has a tail that curls and she carries it over her rump most of the time. She looks very classy with that plume of a tail and it sounds like Vesta has that trait. I was thrilled to receive this email as I had not heard how Vesta was doing with her new forever family in a while. They wrote:

Here are some photos of Vesta, one of the 14 FIB doodles from Feb 2013. She is about 55 lbs and a wonderful dog. She loves to be around people and follows me around the house. She also loves to play though, and is a bundle of energy at the dog park. I have yet to meet a dog who can wear her out . She is quite obedient and knows the basic commands, although we could not keep her at obedience classes as she spent the entire class barking, every time! She does like to bark! One thing I am curious about: do any of her litter mates have a tail that bends to one side? Vesta’s tail is kinked to the right, and when she circles our coffee table we have to watch out or her tail will dip into the coffee cups. When she wants to go outside she picks up a toy and carries it out with her, then brings it back in again afterwards. She is very gentle with her toys, and the only things she chews are the edible bones and pigs ears we buy for her. We love her to bits.


Vesta is one of Darby and Cesar’s February 26th, 2013, females. I am not sure where she picked mange up but it is a real possibility to contract it from coyotes as it is a virus so can live on a wet or dry surface and be left behind when a coyote has passed through. I think the conjunctivitis is directly related to the mange and recommend Fucithalmic Vet Eye Gel, it should clear it up in no time flat, drug company name is Dechra and is actually made in Canada, not China. Vesta’s family sent us some nice pictures and wrote:

I enjoy getting all your postings. Happy New Year to you and your family. Vesta is growing and she is a very sweet dog. She follows me all over the house, curious about everything. She loves to play “find it” – we hide one of her toys and she has to look for it. She is very good at it. She also has a bit of a fetish for slippers and shoes, and frequently one will be looking for a shoe and cannot find it anywhere, only to have it mysteriously reappear several hours later.She does not chew them though.

Vesta loves to play with other dogs, and when I take her out for a walk each day she is always on the look out for another dog to play with. She is quite careful to be submissive to bigger dogs who are aggressive to her, but she can be a bit annoying to dogs who are not interested in playing but are too polite to tell her to get lost. She barks and barks at them! I have not solved that problem yet. She also likes to bark and bark in the back yard, but will stop if we tell her. The concern is, what about when we are away? (we do not want to annoy the neighbours)

Vesta has had an ongoing problem with conjunctivitis, and has developed mange around her eyes too. We are taking her to the vets each week for 8 weeks to have injections to fight back the mange, and we have had allergy tests done to try and resolve the conjuncitivitis. Apparently she is allergic to carrots, potatoes and tomatoes, as well as a whole list of grasses. Well we changed her dog food, and there is no grass around right now, but she still has gooey eyes, so we are stumped.

Vesta has a beautiful tail, but it is sideways!! When she wags it, it twirls in a circle! It is quite distinctive, and makes her easy to spot from a distance. The only problem is we need to teach her to only go round our coffee table in one direction, as if she goes the other way her tail sweeps everything off!

She seems to have settled in very well with our family.


Ozzy looks like quite the character, judging from these photos. His family wrote:

It is one year ago today that we received our wonderful Ozzy from you in the parking lot at McDonald’s. We wanted to give you his one year update!

Ozzy has been the best thing that has joined our family in a very long time. He has brought untold joy to each and every one of our family and extended family members. He is a very quiet and gentle soul.

He has learned how to play ball, fetching and throwing (he will throw the ball to us). He has learned how to play hide and seek. Yes, he not only seeks he actually takes his turn hiding. He is truly amazing.

He spent 50 nights camping with us last summer. He joined us on a two week, 7,000 km road trip through the mid-west US from Calgary, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Kansas City, Cheyenne, Great Falls and home.

We want to thank you again for such an amazing member to our family.


Ozzy is one of Darby and Cesar‘s pups from Feb. 26, 2013.


This is yet another of the 14 puppies that kept me going around the clock to help Darby keep them fed. Spock lives in Edmonton with his family and he is a very gallant looking fellow. I really got some wind under my wings today when I heard from three of this litter’s owners. They all sound like quite the Doodles and I am quite surprised on how black they have stayed. Thanks a million for sending. Spock’s family wrote:

Spock is a very good boy. He listens to basic commands like sit and lay down and stay although stay is a little tougher because he still very excited when things are happening. He knows how to leave it and how to drop it and he hears those quite a bit and seemingly like Eddie he really likes to carry things around in his mouth. He doesn’t always know what belongs to him and what belongs to anyone else so he just kind of grab. He’s also a massive groomer for his toys. He will groom and groom and groom until he grooms an ear or a tail right off of his stuffed animals. He has also chewed through one of those rope toys. Didn’t take him long.

He still stays in his kennel during the day time. There was a time when I would let him out and he was very good but he is so tall now and he has found out if there are snacks in the middle of the dining room table he can reach them! Now he is always checking to see if there is something up there and he cannot be trusted to be left alone.

He’s pretty big now. I think his last weigh-in at the vet said that he was 78 pounds and he is very, very tall although he looks almost exactly like Eddie.

Spock is big with lick kisses and gives one on the hand every time he comes in the door. He also likes to hold hands with everyone so when you are walking he will take your hand in his mouth and walk alongside with you.

All in all he is a wonderful dog and very very loving. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us the chance to adopt him and bring him into our family.


This is one of Darby’s last litter, his name is Spock and he lives in Sherwood Park.

Maggie (Olds, AB)

This is Maggie who now lives in Olds, Alberta and has an awesome life with her owner who works at an Olds Auction Mart, so Maggie get to at least smell all the different critters that go through there. I am really happy about how great these dogs have turned out and of course I can’t really take much credit for what happened after they left me but I would like to think that the start I give them has something to do with it. That and the good solid bloodlines they have running in their veins. I sincerely appreciate every one of the emails I get telling me about how my pups turn out. Maggie’s family wrote:

Here is Maggie almost 2 years old. I thought maybe you would like to see how the girls were doing from this litter, by the sounds of it she is exactly like her brothers. She packs my socks around when she gets excited, she is not in her kennel any more but is baby gated out of the living room during the cold days. She spends the warm days outside with the cat, in her run when I am working. We took dog Agility last winter and she did really well we are going to take some more lessons this spring and maybe even a competition. Maggie absolutely loves camping and last summer she learned how to swim and now I can’t keep her out of the water. But BALL is her favourite game which we play a lot, she is so patient with my great nephews and very gentle even playing ball with them. She weighs about 60 pounds which is about 45 pounds heavier than her brother (Benson but he is a Chihuahua, jack russell and Shizshu mix) that she loves dearly. Thank you so much for breeding such great dogs as she is a much loved member of my family.


Maggie is one of Darby and Cesar‘s pups from Darby’s last litter (February 26, 2013). Her owners wrote us the following message to go with the picture:

I thought I should send you a picture of Maggie and her brother Benson. I had just shaved her so she is a little ragged but is doing really well. She is the star student in her dog classes and the teacher said she is very smart and doing excellent. We are going to take some scent detection classes later on. Well off to work and I gave your name to a lady who is looking for a pup.

Cash (Winnipeg)

Cash’s family sent us this Christmas card and told us:

Wishing you a wonderful new year! So happy that 2013 brought Cash into our lives. He’s a big boy now at 10 months old & the sweetest pup. He has such a great demeanor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him remotely unhappy. He’s still a bit of a fraidy cat, but he sure enjoys the snow!! Here’s a picture of the Christmas card we sent out this year. Both Cash & his “big” brother Rex had a great holiday!


I just delivered this guy ‘Cash’ to his new family in Winnipeg yesterday.  He is one of Darby’s 14 born Feb. 26th.   There are only two left…..one male and one female.  His new family told us:

Thank you so much for bringing Cash into our lives!  He is an absolute sweetheart.  Our first evening together has gone great so far.  Him & Rex are getting along just fine already.  We’ve spent some time in the backyard tonight.  Thought I would send you a picture of the “boys”.  Cash looks very happy!

Eddie (Lorette, MB)

It was great to hear this update and I am thrilled to hear that they followed my eating plan. I hear so many different ways to feed and I really am against doling out portions. The way that Louis is doing it is exactly like I think it needs to be done. I sincerely Thank you Louis for this great update and these awesome pictures. I will forward them on to the families that have littermates in hopes we get a few more pictures to share and compare. This litter is spread over three provinces. Enjoy this great spring with your Doodle. Louis wrote:

I thought you might like to hear this update from Eddie. I took him to the Vet to get his shots up to date. He passed his check-up with flying colours. The Vet was full of compliments in regards to his weight, muscle mass and disposition. She told me to keep doing exactly what we’re doing and she had no recommendations at all. I’ll take credit for his giving him enough exercise but he obviously has fantastic genes.

She asked how much we feed him per day as she felt we were strict on his diet, the truth is the complete opposite, when his food dish is empty we fill it, since day 1 he has only eaten when hungry and only eats until he’s full. She says it is obvious he has been well cared for since birth and has never gone hungry.

I though you’d like to hear this as some of the compliments are due to your care and bloodlines.


Eddie is one of Darby and Cesar’s male pups from Feb. 26th. 2013. litter that had 14 F1B Golden Doodle puppies. I have video posted of me supplementing this litter with a bottle, it is so uplifting for me to receive these emails when I open my computer and I sincerely thank everyone who sends them. Eddies parents are Darby (now retired to a ranch near Breton Alberta) and Cesar, still living at Fur Fettish Farm and loving his girls and freedom to run. Eddie lives in Lorette, Manitoba and it really sounds like he in not only a great dog but a very entertaining one as well. I do not forward people personal information but I do try to take the time to share pictures and stories with littermates families in hopes to hear how the other pups are doing.

I am on the downhill swing of my Doodle breeding operation, the plan is to downsize and head for retirement in three years. Darby was a hard act to follow, she was perfect in every way and a great mother. Her family in Breton are my family also, so I have been allowed to visit and see first hand how happy she is. Eddie’s family wrote:

I thought I would send you a picture and a quick note as Eddie is now about 2 yrs old. As he has been all along he’s been a great dog, he’s remained at about 65 lbs for the last year, he still has an endless amount of energy and loves his daily walks. He listens well to most commands, the one he hears most often is “drop it” he almost always has something in his mouth, a shoe, a glove a kid’s toy or his own when he can find one. His reaction when he get exited is to pick up something, doesn’t matter what. We still kennel him during the day, at this point he’d likely be fine loose but he likes his kennel, when he sees us getting ready to leave in the morning he goes to his kennel on his own.


Eddie’s family sent us these great pictures of Eddie at the race track and told us:

I thought you might like these pictures, this is from the racetrack, Eddie come out with use every time, he absolutely loves it there. We have a professional photographer who is always there and he takes opportunities to grab any great photos, even when un-related to motorcycles.


Eddie’s family sent us some new pictures and this update:

It’s been quite a while since I last gave you an update so I though I would send a quick note to let you know how he’s doing. At 1-1/2 he seems to have leveled off at about 65 lbs. He has an unlimited amount of energy, he gets a run every day and is always ready to go. He does great off leash, he’ll never let us get out of his sight. He listens well and wants to be with us at all times. During the day he stays in his large crate in the house. I used to feel bad leaving him there but on days I work from home, he spends all day in his crate by choice. Eddie is great with all kids, he’s extremely calm and patient when strange kids are around and petting him. He is also good with any other animals, he plays well with other dogs, cats, and unfortunately he also attempted to play with a Skunk one morning. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again. We have him groomed every 2 months, he is completely non-shedding. Eddie has never shown any sign of aggression towards any person or animal. He’s exactly what we hoped for, he’s a textbook example of a Golden doodle in regards to behaviour.


I am so happy to hear how good Eddie has fit into his family. His mother, Darby is spayed now and retired to a ranch near Breton, Alberta and they say she is the best dog they have ever owned. Eddie’s family sent us this picture of Eddie celebrating their son’s birthday and told us:

Just thought I would send you a quick update on Eddie, he now weighs 50lbs, he is still doing very well, he’s been a great dog, the kids love him and he is always playing with them. We had him neutered about 2 weeks ago, he was a little slow on the day of but back to himself the next day.

We’ve taken him to the lake several times now, he’s not a great swimmer yet but he’s getting better and he loves the water.


Eddie is one of Darby and Cesar‘s males that went to a family near Winnipeg. They told us:

Hi Margaret-Ann, I thought I would let you know how well Eddie did when we got home. He’s taken a liking to my 6 yr old son and they seem to be bonding quickly. He’s eating and drinking and going outside to the bathroom. He seems to be very happy and just wants to be near us. He loves his doggy bed and did great in his kennel overnight. The pic attached is of their first meeting together (don’t mind the hat, he’s 2 and wants to dress himself).