This is Kuro, he is one of Dezi and Einstein‘s pups from May 4th. 2012. Dezi is now retired. Kuro’s family wrote:

I’ve attached a few photos of Kuro for you to see. He is an absolutely fantastic dog – mostly quite well behaved and smart and just easy to live with.

We would definitely be interested in another Golden Doodle from your next litter (Dane’s). Do you have a ballpark idea of when that might be? I don’t know what the gestation period is for dogs. We love the black or dark brown coloring.

Tucker & Lilly (Regina)

I tell people to put the crate where the puppy can see them so they can talk softly to it and reassure it that all is well, but sometimes in the excitement of seeing their puppy they don’t always get all the instructions. Tucker, the Blonde Doodle is from Dezi and Einstein, May 4th. 2012 and he got a little sister, Lilly is from Darla and Einstein, Oct. 8th. 2014 for Christmas. I have quite a few buyers who have two Doodles from here now. Their family wrote:

We had a tough 3 nights as Lilly cried and cried. We moved the kennel into our room and she no longer cries. Goes right into the kennel when it’s time to sleep and stays in there until morning.

Here is a picture of the two waiting for a treat. Lilly is very smart, follows Tucker everywhere and copies him. She has started to whine at the back door to go out but still has some accidents. She loves all the toys which is great. Tucker never liked to play with them. He preferred learning tricks and practicing obedience activities, for treats. We couldn’t imagine not having Lilly as part of our family.


Jack is one of Dezi and Einstein’s June 2013 pups. He looks to have it made! His family told us:

Jack is an absolutely wonderful dog!
Yes he chews everything, yes he’s nibbley on fingers and toes. Yep he likes to launch himself at you to greet you when he’s missed you. He terrorizes the cat to no end, and he thinks the warmest part of the couch is reserved for his little puppy bum only.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.
He adores dani our 5 year old, LOVES frisbee and ball playing, is extraordinarily social and loves people and dogs. He especially loves the cottage where he can just run and play- even though he always wants us with him.

We’ve had 2 scares, once when he actually ate a belly full of gravel- our vet said we could do surgery, but we waited it out and he seemed to pass everything. A 2nd time when he ate up a hand warmer just after a cold day walk (which have iron shavings), he also got the ok from our vet after that. We’ve only missed 3 days of walking since he joined our family, so he’s a pretty balanced little lad.
I will send some pictures right away- enjoy!
And thank you!


Camryn spends a lot of time with her dog. Tucker’s family wrote us:

Here is a picture of Tucker and Camryn on a paddle board at Crystal Lake.


Tucker is from Dezi and Einstein‘s March 27, 2011 litter. I keep tying to explain to people that this is what the black pups will turn out like, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Tucker’s family wrote:

Here is our big tough dog with Camryn. He only relaxes this way with her!


The family of Carlos sent us this great picture of him and wrote:

It’s been 1 year since we’ve had Carlos, he is so wonderful, we love him so much! What a good natured, well behaved boy he has become. He loves going for walks, the dog park, swimming and just being with us. We have all gotten such a great connection with him and it just keeps getting better! Thanks so much for picking him for us! Hope things r well with u!


These new pics came in from Carlos and his family, along with this update:

Carlos is doing awesome, we love him sooo much, he loves to walk off leash around the block, dive into the snow, and get cuddles. He’s such a nice boy!!!


Carlos and his new family are getting along very well! They sent us this picture and wrote:

So it’s been 3 weeks now and we all just love him!!! Haven’t had an accident in house for close to a week! He is adjusting so well with us all, learning to fetch, had his needle, kennel cough. We could not imagine not having him, so cute!! Hope you are all well.


Look at the home this pup scored!!!   This is one of Dezi and Einstein’s June 20th. pups that lives on an acreage near Saskatoon.   He swims and then runs around on the grass to dry off….holy lucky dog or what?

Zenna & Mojo

We received some new pictures of Mojo and her sidekick Zenna. I have several people that now own two of my Doodles. I love it when my buyers send me pictures like this! Mojo and Zenna live at Lebret, Sask.


This black dog is Zenna, she is from Pluto and Katie’s Feb. 8th. 2007 litter and now she is getting a little brother from Dezi and Einstein’s June 20th, 2013 litter. I have gotten quite a few repeat buyers when they realize what a great dog they got the first time. The new pup is named MoJo and that is who the e-mail is sent to. I love this kind of interaction with my buyers, I know in my heart that my dogs (pups) will have a loving home here! Zenna wrote this to MoJo:

Heh MoJo:

Thought you would like to see pictures of your new family – Zenna is waiting for you to come and play with her. You never know what she will look like depending on the time of year and the groomer she uses, so am sending you a few so you will recognize her. She gets mighty hot in the summer with her black coat and needs a little cut now and then.

Zenna also came from where you were born so you will have a lot in common. Her nose may be a little out of joint when you first get here but not for long as she has been quite lonely here by herself. She likes to walk and has lots of things she wants to show you how to do. We are all looking forward to your arrival.

Will see you soon.

F1B Golden Doodle Litter (Dezi) – Born June 20, 2013

All Dezi’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Dezi and Einstein have had their last litter of pups. The total was eight, these are the three males left to choose from. They were born June 20th, so will be ready to go August 15th when they are 8 weeks old. These pups will mature at about 50 to 60 lbs. and will be totally non shedding, wavy to curly coated. They will have two sets of boosters and lots of instructions on when to get the third set and when they are safe to go to the dog park.

My pups are very well handled and started with manners, imprinted and socialized. These are intelligent, loyal dogs that are always trying to please. They are clean, easy to train and very family oriented….they especially love children. I stand behind what I breed and am here to advise you along the way….it is much easier to do the training right the first time than to try to undo a bad habit that you have let start (such as getting on the furniture, mouthing or jumping up). For more information or pictures of a certain puppy, refer to it by the toy that is in the pictures with it and call 306-792-2113 or text 306-521-1371 or use my contact page. The price of these pups is $900.


This is one of Dezi‘s pups from May 2012…. the kids called him “Cheerio”, was a unique name…. he looks very loved. This fellow lives near Strasburg on a farm so lots of room to romp with ‘his’ kids. His owner told us:

Here is cheerio back in the summer with the kids! I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Thank you again for bringing Cheerio into our house!! He has been a great joy to to our family!!(even though he is a brat at times, but hey that’s puppies right?)


These are the things that keep me going, when people like Andrea send me pictures and stories about how their pup has turned out! Corona lives in Calgary and Andrea had begged for a dog for a few years before the parents gave in…and now it is the parents that spoil her. Another happy owner!!! She wrote:

Yes, she’s spoiled mostly because of my parents but she’s a very happy dog-I hope she gets bigger!!


This little beauty is Corona…she is from Dezi and Einstein‘s May 4th. 2012 litter….what a smart little cutie she is turning out to be!!! I love it when I hear from my buyers about how my pups are doing in their new environment! Her new owner wrote to tell us:

I haven’t sent you any pictures because she had a bad haircut haha and it took forever to grow back, it’s still growing I will send you more!! She is the happiest dog I have ever seen and extremely smart .. By 3.5 months she knew sit stay down rollover shake a paw, other paw now she knows play dead and more I think. She is amazing…best decision ever!!

Hunter & Chase

We received some new pictures and this update from Hunter & Chase:

Chase is now 6 months old and is doing wonderfully well. He follows his big brother Hunter wherever he goes. He weighs in at 46 pounds and his body is starting to catch up to his legs. He had his first clip a few weeks ago and stole the heart of his groomer. His legs and face are starting to show the brindle. He is so loveable and cuddly and has the funniest personality. He loves the snow, going for walks and Hunter has taught him the finer points of treeing squirrels! As he was born at the lake, we are anxious to see how he likes camping this summer.  The 3 photos were taken just before Christmas.


This post has been renamed to now include Hunter’s new little brother, Chase! Chase is one of Dory and Cesar’s July 9th. Red Lodge Park pups. Here is the latest from Hunter and Chase’s family:

Chase has settled in very well. He seems to think he is a big boy like his brother and they are forever running and play fighting. Hunter now gets down to his level to play and I no longer worry about how rough they are with each other. There’s the occasional yelp, but so far no blood or missing fur. He’s fully crate trained and puts himself to bed when Hunter heads down the hall around 9. He is coming around to the leash and stays by Hunter when we take them for their morning walk. He has the longest legs!

He goes to the door when he needs out to do his business and uses the same spot all the time. No concerns at all with him other than he would eat continually if we let him.


Hunter’s family sent us a few new pictures. He is getting a little brother out of Dory and Cesar’s pups….they have the same grandfather…Pluto. They told us:

Hunter has become quite the camper. He loves the water and dives for rocks in the lake. He’s now a year and a half old, and full of pee and vinegar. He weighs in at 65 pounds and when not at the lake, he loves his long walks and chasing squirrels. He came face to face with a coyote in the spring and desperately wanted to play with it.

He butts everything with his nose when he wants attention….arms,legs, other dogs. We met another owner of one of your doodles and discovered their guy does the nose butt thing as well!

We get tons of compliments on what a beautiful dog he is. He can be intelligent, comical and puppy-brained all at the same time.


Hunter is one of Dezi and Einstein’s pups from their May 4, 2012 litter. He is a real beauty! His owners filled us in on his status:

Hunter is doing well. He’s growing in leaps and bounds and weighs in at just over 30 pounds. He will finish his 1st round of puppy school tomorrow and is doing very well with sit, down and recall. We can hardly wait to start him in agility classes as he is already quite the jumper and speed demon. He’s met his match during playtime with a female Brittany Spaniel. It is amazing watching those 2 run and play. He’s very sociable with other dogs and loves people.

He can be very dominate towards me at times and wants to mouth on hands, but he is learning that it isn’t acceptable behaviour.

He loves his daily walks and handles the 1 hour jaunts very well. He’s chased a few rabbits, is fascinated by squirrels but detests seagulls. Everywhere he goes, he’s complimented on how handsome he is and how big he is for only being 5 months old. He adores our 4 grandsons. We’ve had a few knock downs, but all in all he’s very good with them.